What is the strongest Pokemon?

Who is the strongest Pokemon ever?

Mewtwo is the champion of Powerful Strongest Pokemon.

What is the top 10 strongest Pokemon?

It is the best Pokemon names and Strongest Pokemons,

  1. Mewtwo
  2. Mew
  3. Arceus
  4. Rayquaza
  5. Lugia
  6. Alakazam
  7. Ditto
  8. Gengar
  9. Charizard
  10. Pikachu

What are the top 5 strongest Pokemon?

It is the best Pokemon names and Top 5 strongest Pokemons

  1. Lunala and Solgaleo.
  2. Ultra Necrozma.
  3. Mega Mewtwo X and Y.
  4. Kyogre and Groudon.

Is Arceus stronger than Mewtwo?

There is nothing to get surprised about; Arceus made the powerful compare to other Pokemons. Being the god of Pokemon (who also created the cosmos), Arceus has all the powers anyone could believe. Mewtwo may be able to get one or two punches in, but it would only be a matter of time before Arceus came out on top.

What is the best Pokemon?

Mewtwo is the best Pokemon among others.

What is the most powerful Pokemon card?

  1. Mega Tyranitar
  2. Mega Rayquaza
  3. Shiny Mew.
  4. Mega Blastoise.
  5. Mega Gengar.
  6. Charizard (G) Level X.
  7. Rayquaza C Level X.
  8. Mega Venusaur.
  9. Shadow Lugia.

Among these ten cards, Mega Tyranitar is the most powerful Pokemon Card.

What is the strongest Pokemon?

Have you ever questioned which Pokemon are the most powerful? Maybe, which ones precisely would dominate the rest? Well, here is the compiled list of the 15 most powerful Pokemon.

1 – Mewtwo

If one thing is clear, Mewtwo is the champion of Powerful Strongest Pokemon. This Pokemon Go strongest Pokemon is six-foot, seven inches, and 269 pounds, the scientific creation Mewtwo, is the spawn of a pregnant Mew that held its DNA modified. Capable of controlling the mind of its foes & teleportation, Mewtwo is fearless. In the original Detective Pikachu film, Mewtwo’s strengths are in the whole show, representing how devastatingly powerful this Pokemon is. There is no real competition for Mewtwo. It is one of the most overpowered Pokemon on the list.

Where was Mewtwo genetically mutated?

Ans: Pokemon Mansion at Cinnabar Island


Quick Review
Weight269 lbs
WeaknessesGhost, Dark, Bug
EvolutionIt does not Evolve

2 – Mew

Though Mew is the last Pokemon in the 1st Generation, it has the DNA-of every original Pokemon. Standing at 1’04” in height and under 9 pounds weight, you would not expect this charming Pokemon to be able to use any attack. Mew can also become invisible at will, and it can only see it via microscope. In Mewtwo Strikes Back series, Mew battles with Mewtwo to save humankind with Ash Ketchum and Pikachu’s help. Mew alone cannot defeat the top Pokemon on the list. It is the coolest looking Pokemon on the list.

What remained the first English Mew Pokemon card? ​​

Ans: Black Star Promo


Quick Review
Weight8.8 lbs
CategoryNew Species
WeaknessesGhost, Dark, Bug
EvolutionIt does not Evolve

3 – Arceus

It is where ideas get hairy. Dubbed The Original One, Arceus is the most mythical of all Pokemon. Building multiple regions and perhaps even the Pokemon Universe, Arceus is one of the traditional Pokemon even though he is not from the first or second generation. At 10” height and over 700 Pounds of weight, Arceus is forcing in character and ability. Able to disappear or stop time, Arceus is arguably the most powerful Pokemon. It would be grand to see Arceus battle the remaining two on the list. It is one of the biggest Pokemon on the list. It is one of the biggest Pokemon on the list.

Do you know the legend of how Arceus came to survive? ​​​​​​

Ans: Arceus hatched from an egg when the world was futile, then started to create the world.


Quick Review
Weight705.5 lbs
EvolutionIt does not Evolve

4 – Rayquaza

The huge Rayquaza is one of the traditional Pokemon, with estimations multiplied hundreds of years in age. These Pokemon Go strongest Pokemon is 23″ in height and 455 pounds in weight, this dragon Pokemon can fly and can unleash one of the powerful attacks of any Pokemon. Rayquaza is also the head of the Hoenn Region’s Legendary Birds and even can calm its matches. Raquaza is the only Pokemon capable of acquiring Dragon Ascent, which causes damage and diminishes the opponent’s defense and exceptional defense capabilities. It is one of the most overpowered Pokemon on the list.

Which game is the first one that Ryquaza appears in? ​​​​​​

Ans: Ruby & Sapphire


Quick Review
Weight455.30 lbs
CategorySky High
AbilitiesAir Lock
TypeDragon, Flying
WeaknessesFairy, Dragon, Ice, Rock
EvolutionIt does not Evolve

5 – Lugia

The recognizable Generation 2 Pokemon, Lugia, indeed has the power to back it up. Identified as the “Guardian of the Seas,” Lugia can cause the seas to get coarse or slow. When it comes to how powerful Lugia is, the view is that just fluttering its wings can cause extensive storms. Due to this, Lugia favors living deep in the ocean to avoid creating damage. Lugia is a Flying and Psychic Pokemon that does not evolve and is the legendary bird’s head.

Do you understand what Lugia was called before being identified?

Ans: Pokemon “X”


Quick Review
Weight476.2 lbs
TypePsychic, Flying
WeaknessesGhost, Dark, Electric, Ice, Rock
EvolutionIt does not Evolve

6 – Alakazam

Seize your spoons! This Psychic Pokemon, Alakazam, uses spoons to enhance his kinetic power’s strength and decrease his opponent’s attacks’ accuracy. The ultimate evolution of Abra & Kadabra, Alakazam is just under 5″ in height and over 105 pounds weight. It is OP Pokemon.

Can you name the Pokemon higher on this list that defeats Alakazam in Mewtwo Strikes Back? ​​​​

Ans: Mewtwo


Quick Review
Weight105.8 lbs
GenderMale, Female
AbilitiesInner Focus, Synchronize
WeaknessesGhost, Dark, Bug
EvolutionAbra > Kadabra > Alakazam


7 – Ditto

Are you pricking your head on this one? You should not be. Although Ditto resembles an adorable purple blob, this Pokemon can change into any shape or Pokemon it desires. At a mere 1” height and 8.8 pounds weight, Ditto is the smallest Pokemon on the list, but that does not depreciate its capabilities. It is OP Pokemon.

Do you know how to distinguish Ditto when it transforms in comparison to the real Pokemon?

Ans: Its bead-shaped eyes never change.


Quick Review
Weight8.8 lbs
EvolutionIt does not Evolve

8 – Gengar

The naughty Gengar is well-deserving of a top 10 best Pokemon spot. Gengar, a Shadow Pokemon, is the third evolution of Gastly & Haunter. At 4”11 in height and 90 pounds in weight, Gengar uses his size to frighten and prank people. Capable of flying and taking over a person’s mind, Gengar is not one to be dallied with. It is Pokemon fastest Pokemon on the list.

Do you remember which Pokemon Gengar defeated in battle in the Detective Pikachu Movie?

Ans: Blastoise


Quick Review
Weight89.3 lbs
GenderMale, Female
AbilitiesCursed Body
TypeGhost, Poison
WeaknessesGhost, Dark, Psychic, Ground
EvolutionGastly > haunter > Gengar

9 – Charizard

Is this the greatest shocker in our Most Powerful Pokemon hold? The extensive Charizard is much lower than you expected, right? It is one of the top 10 best Pokemon on the list. After all, ‘Zard is the closest thing going in the card area, but things are somewhat different here. It was a hard choice, given the ferocity Charizard wields by his Flamethrower. The heat produced can melt boulders, glaciers and also start forest fires. At five feet, seven inches in height, and roughly 200 pounds in weight, this fire-breathing Pokemon would be a difficult test for just about any Pokemon. The third evolution from Charmander and Charmeleon, Charizard is a bonafide member of the top echelon of Power Pokemon. It is the most well known Pokemon among the fans of Pokemon.


Quick Review
Weight199.5 lbs
GenderMale, Female
TypeFire, Flying
WeaknessesWater, Electric, Rock
EvolutionCharmander, Charmeleon, Charizard

10 – Dragonite

Dragonite is a bonafide member of the Most Powerful Pokemon. It is the coolest looking Pokemon on the list.  Why? Because this bulky Flying Dragon Pokemon is competent at flying at over 1,500 mph while being over 7” in height and 460 pounds in weight. Yes, Dragonite can cut the sound barrier while flying. The final evolution of Dratini and Dragonair, Dragonite has the knowledge level of a human and is assumed to aid people in danger at sea. In contrast, Dragonite can become enraged if disturbed and has a battle with Kingdra when they cross paths. As utmost of the Pokemon on the list, Dragonite is rare to view and catch.

Can you give us one of Dragonite’s nick-names?

Ans: Sea Incarnate & Sea Guardian


Quick Review
Weight463 lbs
GenderMale, Female
AbilitiesInner Focus
TypeDragon, Flying
WeaknessesFairy, Dragon, Ice, Rock
EvolutionDratini > Dragonair > Dragonite

11 – Blastoise

The Hydro-Pumping Blastoise is a badass. This water Pokemon evolves from Squirtle & Wartortle and is one of the central characters in generation 1. With the look of a Turtle with cannons, Blastoise can reach six-plus miles with every cannon blast. That is effective for a 5 foot in height and 190 Pound in weight Pokemon. What is more important is that the blasts can cut through concrete and also steel. With a choice for lakes, Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise congregate, with Blastoise capable of guiding the pack.


Quick Review
Weight188.5 lbs
GenderMale, Female
WeaknessesGrass, Electric
EvolutionSquirtle, Wartortle > Blastoise

12 – Gyarados

The method of Magikarp evolving into Gyarados is an arduous one but is eventually worth it. With the look of a giant sea snake, Gyarados, the water and flying Pokemon is over 21” in height and 500 pounds in weight. Competent of crushing stones with its fangs, Gyarados equates strength with ferocity by unleashing its rage for up to a month when disturbed. Capable of living in both fresh and saltwater, Gyarados can attack from land or sea and cover over 50 feet in the air. This unique Pokemon is one of the most powerful and also has layers as strong as steel.

How Did Jesse And James develop Gyarados in the anime show?

Ans: James kicked Magikarp inside the water, angering it enough to evolve toward Gyarados


Quick Review
Weight518.1 lbs
GenderMale, Female
TypeWater, Flying
WeaknessesElectric, Rock
EvolutionMagikarp > Gyarados

13 – Articuno

This strongest Legendary Pokemon, Articuno, is one of the rarest Pokemon on the list. Articuno is an ice and flying type Pokemon and is one of the three legendary birds, with Moltres and Zapdos holding the other two. Articuno makes number 13 on the list due to its capacity to create and control ice and every time. Articuno also possesses some psychic abilities, capable of freezing an opponent hard with its eyes alone. With the flap of its wings, Articuno can make snowfall. Articuno prefers to territory cold, icy mountains and can support lost hikers. It is the strongest legendary Pokemon on the list.

Where is Articuno Located in Pokemon Red & Blue?

Ans: Dungeon on Seafoam Island


Quick Review
Weight122.1 lbs
TypeIce, Flying
WeaknessesElectric, Rock, Steel, Fire
EvolutionIt does not evolve.

14 – Pikachu

The Pokemon famous Megastar, Pikachu, is well-deserving of a top 15 spot on the Pokemon list. After all, the electric rodent is a package of thunder, driving Team Rocket to the utmost lengths to catch ’em’. Competent of a 10 Million volt thunderbolt, Pikachu has dangerous power. At 1″ 04′ in height and 13 pounds in weight, this electric type Pokemon can cause the same level of power as a power plant. Frequently found in groups, Pikachu’s send information to one another via electricity. Pikachu can obtain energy by being struck by lightning and eating electronic accessories such as telephone poles. Evolving from Pichu and evolving into Raichu with the Thunder Stone, Pikachu stands alone from the rest of Pokemon’s evolving competence. It is as if you always have to hold a Pikachu, showing gratitude to the aggressive, lovable cast on the anime show and later in the Pokemon Yellow game. It is the most well known Pokemon among the fans of Pokemon.

Who Created Pikachu?

Ans: Atsuko Nishida


Quick Review
Weight13.2 lbs
GenderMale, Female
EvolutionPichu > Pikachu > Raichu

15 – Machamp

The four-armed fighting Pokemon, Machamp, understands every martial arts style. Competent in punching 500 times in a single second, Machamp has lots of power. How much? Well, let’s assume Machamp can relocate a mountain with a single hand. With the evolution of Machop and Machoke, Machamp can attack and defend itself with all four arms at once. The belt Machamp wears is vital to restrict Machamp’s movement. Due to its arms moving so fast at once, they can get trapped up. At 5″ 3′ in height and just under 290 pounds in weight, Machamp is a vital first record in the list. It is Pokemon fastest Pokemon on the list.

What role does Machamp have in Rhyme City in Detective Pikachu?

Answer: Police officer/Traffic coordinator


Quick Review
Weight286.6 lbs
GenderMale, Female
CategorySuper Power
AbilitiesGuts, No Guard
WeaknessesPsychic, Flying, Fairy
EvolutionMachop > Machoke > Machamp



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