What is administrative in simple words?


Microsoft Word 2013 is equipped with advanced features like macros, VBA, XML and other scripting features. These features are called “administrative” in Microsoft Word. How these features work and how you can use the advanced features is explained in step by step manner in this article.

Administrative Features of Microsoft Word

Administering Word means changing the default settings and configurations. Thedocument properties, formatting and other configuration options can be altered in the “Advanced” ribbon tab. You can find advanced options in “Word Options” dialog box. However, it is not possible for everyone to understand all these features and settings and therefore Microsoft has categorized the features into 4 sections:

  • General
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • File Management

The “General” section in Word Options allow you to change the default settings for the user interface like the font settings, paragraph formatting, printing, proofing and AutoCorrect options. Here are the short description ofgeneral settings available under the “General” section.

Word Options General Settings

  • Save files — Save files in this format and destination. For example you can save the file in PDF format and keep the file in the Dropbox folder.

Save as PDF and Upload to Dropbox Folder

  • Default template — Set default template to be used for creating new documents. You can create a custom style or enable the built-in templates. Microsoft Office Online has a galleryfor showing the default templates. Another easy way to find the default templates is to use “Windows search”. Type “*.dotx” and the file location with “%appdata%\Microsoft\Templates”. This will list the templates that are installed on your machine. If your version of Office does not have this folder, it means you have the latest version of Office. Thesetemplates are hidden to prevent misuse of the Office applications. Navigation to the template is very simple and similar to opening any other document in Microsoft Word. Use the “Alt + Fs” keyboard shortcut to open the “Find” dialog and type “*.dotx”.
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Open Templates in Word 2013

The “Security” section in Word Options allows you to change features like macros, trusted locations, editing and proofing. These featuresare used by administrators and rarely needed by regular users. The “Accessibility” options are meant to help people with disabilities. Finally, the “File Management” options in “Options” are used to manage documents and set default security for saving documents.

Using Administrative Features in Documents

In most of the cases, the users are not very familiar with all the advanced options and settings. Eventhough you can find the “Options” dialog box, most users never venture into this screen to understand the usage. However, it is important to understand that these options are available on “Advanced” ribbon tab. So, even if you are not aware of the exact name of the option, you can right-click the ribbon andhave an option to show all the available options. This will help you to navigate the required feature in the “Options” dialog box. If still you are not able to find the option, use “Help and support” in “File” menu to search for the feature. Alternatively, you can search online for the keywords to get theinformation. For example, you can search for the “accessibility” word on the “Word” website to find the related info. You should also check the “user guide” from http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/open/word-help-and-feedback/view/default.aspx.

Although most of the features are meant for administrators, you can also apply these features on your personaldocument. For instance, you can include “Hidden text” with “Show/Hide” feature in normal documents. This is helpful if you want to hide some specific text in the document. Also, you can use “Page break before” and “Page break after” features in table. This will prevent the table from breaking after specific number of rows. Similarly, you can prevent certain paragraph from breaking under “track changes” or “comments”. You can also have your own custom styles, use “Inspector” tocheck the styles and other settings.

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