Answers to the Los Angeles Times Crossword

Themed answers include circle letters that spell out a VEGGIE. Those VEGGIE names have each been SLICED in two, and placed at the start and finish of the answer :

Today’s Wiki-est Amazonian Googlies


1 “__: Ragnarok”: 2017 superhero film : THOR

“ thor : Ragnarok ” is a 2017 superhero film in the “ Thor ” series. not my cup of tea …
“ Ragnarök ” is the mention given to a sic of events in Norse mythology that resulted in the deaths of many celebrated gods, including Odin and Thor .

5 Mob boss : CAPO

More properly called a caporegime, a capo is a high-level penis of the Mafia ( Cosa Nostra ).

9 Popular pudding brand : JELL-O

If you like Jell-O, then you might want to stop by LeRoy, New York where you can visit the only Jell-O museum in the earth. While at the museum, you can walk along the Jell-O Brick Road …

15 Six-sided state : UTAH

When viewed on a map of the US, the country of Utah has six sides. It ’ s about shaped like a rectangle, but there is a “ bite ” out of that rectangle in the northeast corner of the state .

18 Actress Petty : LORI

Lori Petty is the actress who played the character Kit Keller in the fabulous movie “ A League of Their Own ”. Petty besides played the style function in a 1995 skill fabrication film called “ Tank Girl ” .

19 Event site : VENUE

A venue is a specified venue used for an event. The terminus “ venue ” came into english via french from the Latin “ panel ” meaning “ to come ”. so, a “ venue ” is a place to which people “ come ” .

20 December holiday mailing : CHRISTMAS CARD (sliced “CH-ARD”)

Chard is a adorable leafy vegetable, in my humble opinion. It is the same species as the garden beet, but chard is grown for the leaves and beet is grown for the roots. Chard besides goes by the names Swiss chard, silverbeet, mangel-wurzel. In some parts of Australia, it ’ sulfur even known as spinach .

24 Arthur with two Emmys and a Tony : BEA

Actress Bea Arthur ’ s most celebrated roles were on television receiver, as the lead in the “ All in the Family ” by-product “ Maude ” and as Dorothy Zbornak in “ The Golden Girls ”. Arthur besides won a Tony for playing Vera Charles on stage in the original form of “ Mame ” in 1966, two years after she played Yente the matchmaker in the original form of “ Fiddler on the Roof ” .

25 CO winter hrs. : MST

The state of Colorado took its identify from the anterior Territory of Colorado that existed from 1861 to 1876. The appoint was chosen for the Colorado river that originated in the territory. The river in change state was named by the spanish as “ Rio Colorado ”, meaning “ red, red river ” .

28 Orca : KILLER WHALE (sliced “K-ALE”)

The taxonomic name for the killer whale giant is “ Orcinus killer whale ”. The use of the mention “ killer whale ”, rather than “ killer whale ”, is becoming more and more common. The Latin word “ Orcinus ” means “ belonging to Orcus ”, with Orcus being the list for the Kingdom of the Dead .
The vegetable we know as kale gets its appoint from the Latin “ caulis ” mean “ cabbage ”. taxonomically, kales are more closely related to godforsaken boodle than the domestic forms of boodle that we see in the grocery store .

33 Indian music style adopted by the Beatles : RAGA

Rock or pop music that exhibits an amerind influence may be called “ raga rock ”. The influence of indian classical music in popular music was at its altitude in the 1960s. many raga rock pieces feature indian instruments, peculiarly the sitar. celebrated examples are “ norwegian Wood ” by the Beatles and “ Paint it Black ” by the Rolling Stones .

39 Flowerlike sea creature : ANEMONE

The name “ anemone ” means “ daughter of the wind ” in Greek, and at one clock it was believed that the weave was what actually caused the flower to efflorescence. The sea anemone is named for the sublunar plant even though the ocean sea anemone international relations and security network ’ t a plant at all. The sea anemone is a predatory animal found on the ocean floor .

41 Airport kiosk printout : E-TICKET

Our news “ booth ” came to us via French and Turkish from the Persian “ kushk ” meaning “ palace, portico ” .

43 Prefix with state or net : INTER-

The US Interstate System is more correctly known as the Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways, a nod to President Eisenhower who championed the construction. The President had come to recognise the rate of the german autobahn system in his experiences during WWII, and resolved to give the US a similar infrastructure. In real terms, the US Interstate construction project is said to have been the largest public study project since the Pyramids of Egypt .
The Internet ( uppercase letter I ) is a arrangement of complect networks that use the Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol ( TCP/IP ) to link devices around the earth. In common custom, the news “ internet ” ( small letter letter I ) is frequently used interchangeably with “ World Wide Web ”, although “ the Web ” is precisely one of many services and applications that uses the Internet .

44 __ Kippur : YOM

Yom Kippur is the holiest sidereal day of the year for the jewish people, and is besides known as the Day of Atonement .

45 Former fast fliers: Abbr. : SSTS

The most celebrated supersonic transport ( SST ) is the retire Concorde. The Concorde routinely broke the sound barrier, and cruised at about twice the rush of reasoned. Above Mach 2, frictional heat would cause the flat ’ s aluminum airframe to soften, thus airspeed was limited .

46 Significant other : MAIN SQUEEZE (sliced “MAI-ZE”)

back in the former 1800s, a “ chief compress ” was the “ most authoritative person ”. It wasn ’ t until about a century late the one ’ s main coerce became one ’ randomness sweetheart .
“ Maize ” is another name for “ corn ”. even though there is more gamboge grow in the global than wheat or rice, a relatively small proportion of the entire gamboge snip is consumed directly by humans. That ’ mho because a distribute of gamboge goes to make corn ethyl alcohol, animal feed and derivative instrument products like cornstarch and corn syrup. here in the US, over 40 % of the corn produced is used to feed livestock, and about 30 % is used to make ethyl alcohol .

51 Pence and Harris: Abbr. : VPS

Mike Pence served as the fiftieth Governor of Indiana from 2013 until 2017, when he became the forty-eighth Vice President of the US, in the Trump administration. famously, Vice President Pence has described himself as “ a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order ”, although he grew up in an Irish-Catholic Democrat family .
Kamala Harris was a US Senator for California starting in 2017, after serving for six years as the Attorney General of California. In early 2019, Harris announced her ply for the democratic nomination for US president in the 2020 election. Although she dropped out of the rush, she was chosen by eventual campaigner Joe Biden as his vice-presidential run mate. When the Biden-Harris ticket won the election, Harris became the highest-ranking female politician in the history of the US .

52 Letter after beta : GAMMA

The greek rudiment starts off with the letters alpha, beta, da gamma …

57 Salad crudités … and a hint to each row of circled letters : SLICED VEGGIES

Crudités are a french appetizer made up of chopped and hale naked vegetables that are dipped into a sauce. The french word “ crudité ” simply means “ raw vegetable ”, and derives from the Latin word “ crudus ” meaning “ crude ” .

64 Diner sign element : NEON

The basic design of neon unhorse was first demonstrated at the Paris Motor Show in 1910. such ignite is made up of glass tubes containing a vacuum into which has been introduced a modest total of neon accelerator. When a electric potential is applied between two electrodes inside the tube, the neon accelerator “ glows ” and gives off the conversant abstemious .

65 Actor Guinness : ALEC

Sir Alec Guinness played many great roles over a long and identify career, but nowadays is good remembered ( sadly, I think ) for playing the original Obi-Wan Kenobi in “ Star Wars ” .

67 Tyne of “Judging Amy” : DALY

Actress Tyne Daly in truth came into the populace eye playing Detective Lacey in “ Cagney and Lacey ”. From 1999 to 2005, Daly played the mother of the entitle character in the television receiver display “ Judging Amy ” .
“ Judging Amy ” is a legal play that beginning aired in 1999, and which stars Amy Brenneman and Tyne Daly. Brenneman plays the title character, a pronounce who serves in a syndicate court. Brenneman besides created the prove, and based it on the real-life experiences of her own mother who worked as a kin court evaluate in Hartford, Connecticut .

69 Luge vehicles : SLEDS

A luge is a minor sled used by one or two people, on which one lies face up and feet beginning. The luge can be compared to the skeleton, a sled for lone one person and on which the rider lies face down and goes down the hill head-first. Yikes !

70 Mex. miss : SRTA

“ Señorita ” ( Srta. ) is spanish, and “ Mademoiselle ” ( Mlle. ) is french, for “ Miss ” .


1 “Baywatch” actress Bingham : TRACI

Actress and model Traci Bingham played Jordan Tate on “ Baywatch ” from 1996 to 1998 .
“ Baywatch ” is a television series starring David Hasselhoff that is about lifeguards patrolling the beaches of Los Angeles County. Over the life of the show, the lifeguards not lone had to rescue swimmers, they besides had to deal with earthquakes, shark attacks, serial killers and even nuclear bombs. The brand “ count ” on the show was provided by boring motion shots of the lifeguards running to person ’ randomness rescue in those crimson bathing costumes .

2 Note for a soprano : HIGH C

The voice types soprano, countertenor, tenor and bass can be abbreviated to the initialism “ SATB ”.

3 Rossini work : OPERA

Gioachino Rossini was a prolific and very successful composer from Pesaro, Italy. During his life, Rossini was lauded as the most successful composer of operas in history. His best-known opera today is credibly “ The Barber of Seville ”. His best-known objet d’art of music is probably the stopping point of the preliminary from his opera “ William Tell ” .

6 Quark place : ATOM

Quarks are elementary atomic particles that combine to make composite particles called “ hadrons ”. I ’ thousand very entirely conversant with the very stable hadrons i.e. protons and neutrons. There are six types of quarks ( referred to as “ flavors ” ). These flavors are up, down, strange, charm, bottom and acme. The term “ quark cheese ” was borrowed from James Joyce ’ s script “ Finnegans Wake ”, by physicist Murray Gell-Mann. however, the news coined by Joyce is pronounced “ kwark ”, and the particle ’ randomness name is pronounced “ kwork ” .

7 Sunday school story : PARABLE

A parable is a story told to illustrate a moral or principle. It is alike to a legend, differing in that a fable uses chiefly animals as characters, and a parable uses humans .

9 Morning cup : JAVA

binding in 1850, the diagnose “ java ” was given to a type of chocolate grown on the island of Java, and the more cosmopolitan usage of the term banquet from then .

11 Big Ben and the Golden Gate Bridge, e.g. : LANDMARKS

“ Big Ben ” is the list normally used for the large bell in the Clock Tower ( “ Elizabeth Tower ” since 2012 ) of the Palace of Westminster ( aka “ Houses of Parliament ” ). bad Ben ’ s official name is the Great Bell, and there is some argue about the origins of the nickname. It may be named after Sir Benjamin Hall who supervised the bell ’ sulfur installation, or possibly the English heavyweight supporter of the day Benjamin Caunt. Big Ben fell silent in 2017 to make way for four years of maintenance and animate work to the clock ’ second mechanism and the loom .
The Golden Gate is the opening of San Francisco Bay into the Pacific Ocean. The bridge that spans the Golden Gate is called “ the Golden Gate Bridge ” and was opened in 1937. At that time it was the longest abeyance bridge in the world. One of the most eerie things about the Golden Gate Bridge is that is the second most democratic identify in the wholly world to commit suicide ( after the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge ). Steps have been taken to reduce the number of suicides, including suicide hotline telephones placed along the walk, but still there is one suicide every two weeks on average throughout the class. There are plans to place a purpose-built net below the bridge as a hindrance, at a cost of tens of millions of dollars .

12 Greater N.Y. school : LIU

Long Island University ( LIU ) in Brooklyn, New York is a private school that was chartered in 1926. LIU ’ randomness concenter has always been on providing moderately-priced, effective department of education to people from all walks in liveliness. To that end, LIU opened a second campus in 1951 in Brookville in the suburbs of New York City, recognizing the need to serve families that were living outside of the city. The athletic teams of LIU ’ s Brooklyn campus are known as the Brooklyn Blackbirds, and the teams of the Brookville campus are called the Post Pioneers .

21 NASDAQ buy : STK

Stock ( stk. )
The Nasdaq has some descriptive symbols to represent companies. here are some examples :

  • HOG – Harley-Davidson
  • HEINY – Heineken
  • ROCK – Gibraltar Industries
  • GRR – The Asian Tigers Fund
  • BEN – Franklin Resources
  • TWNK – Hostess Brands

22 Jeep or Jetta : CAR

The Jeep is the original off-road vehicle. It was developed by the American Bantam Car Company in 1940 at the request of the US government who recognized the approaching need for the armed forces as american engagement in WWII loomed. The Bantam Company was besides belittled to cope with demand, so the government gave the designs to competing car companies. The design and trade name finally ended up with AMC in the seventies and eighties .
“ Jetta ” is one in a series of model names related to winds that has been used by Volkswagen. “ Jetta ” comes from the german for “ fountain stream ”, and the model name “ Passat ” comes from the german for “ trade hoist ” .

26 Dangerous precipitation : SLEET

apparently, “ sleet ” is a term used to describe two different upwind conditions. One is a shower of ice pellets that are smaller than hail, and the second gear is a assortment of rain and bamboozle, with the snow thaw as it falls .

29 Golf commentator __ Baker-Finch : IAN

Ian Baker-Finch is professional golfer turned golf observer from Australia. Playing the crippled, he is known for winning the british Open in 1991, which was to be his alone major backing victory .

30 Bleaching agent : LYE

What we call “ lye ” is normally sodium hydroxide ( NaOH ), although historically the terminus “ lye ” was used for potassium hydroxide. Lye has many uses, including to cure respective foodstuffs. Lye can make olives less bitter, for example. The chemical is besides found in canned mandarin oranges, pretzels and japanese ramen noodles. More digest grades of lye are used to open drains and fairly ovens. chilling …

31 1910s conflict, briefly : WWI

prior to the outbreak of World War II, what we now know as World War I was referred to as “ the World War ” or “ The Great War ” .

32 Minute Maid drinks : HI-CS

Hi-C orange drink was created in 1946 and introduced to the commercialize in 1948, initially in the confederacy of the nation. The name “ Hi-C ” was chosen to emphasize the high vitamin C message in the drink, as it contained add ascorbic acid ( vitamin C ) .

33 Spider-Man films director : RAIMI

Sam Raimi is a very successful director and producer. He was behind the “ Spider-Man ” serial of films among others, and television shows such as “ Xena : warrior Princess ”. In 1993, Raimi married Gillian Green, the youngest daughter of actor Lorne Greene of “ Bonanza ” fame. Raimi and Greene named their eldest son Lorne, after his grandfather .

34 Kofi of the U.N. : ANNAN

Kofi Annan was a diplomat from Ghana who served as General Secretary of the UN for ten years until the begin of 2007. Annan was born into an aristocratic family, and had a duplicate sister named Efua Atta. Efua and Kofi shared the middle name “ Atta ”, which means “ twin ” in the Akan language of Ghana. Annan attended the MIT Sloan School of Management from 1971-72, and graduated with a master of Science degree. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001, winning jointly with the United Nations arrangement itself .

40 Surg. areas : ORS

Surgery ( surg. ) is normally performed in an operate room ( OR ) .

41 Want-ad letters : EOE

equal Opportunity Employer ( EOE )

42 Harvey Levin’s online tabloid : TMZ is a fame chitchat web site launched in 2005 by producer Harvey Levin. “ TMZ ” stands for “ thirty-mile partition ”, a reference to the “ studio zone ” in Los Angeles. The studio zone is circular in shape with a 30-mile spoke centered on the intersection of West Beverly Boulevard and North La Cienega Boulevard .

47 Home shopper’s channel : QVC

The QVC denounce duct was founded in 1986 in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The company now has operations not only in the US but besides in the UK, Germany, Japan and Italy. That means QVC is reaching 200 million households. The QVC initialism stands for Quality, Value and Convenience .

49 Silly Putty holder : EGG

Silly Putty is a silicone polymer that is marketed as a plaything, normally sold in an egg-shaped formative container. It is a noteworthy material that can flow like a melted and can besides bounce. Silly Putty was one of those accidental creations, an consequence of research during WWII in search of substitutes for arctic. The substitution became pressing as Japan invaded rubber-producing countries all around the Pacific Rim .

54 Pooh creator : MILNE

Alan Alexander ( A.A. ) Milne was an english writer who is best known for his delightful “ Winnie-the-Pooh ” serial of books. He had only one son, Christopher Robin Milne, born in 1920. The young Milne was the divine guidance for the Christopher Robin character in the Winnie-the-Pooh stories. Winnie-the-Pooh was named after Christopher Robin ’ s real teddy have a bun in the oven, one he called Winnie, who in act was named after a canadian blacken hold called Winnie that the Milnes would visit in London Zoo. The original Winnie chemise hold is on display at the chief branch of the New York Public Library in New York .

56 Knotted neckwear : ASCOT

An ascot is a broad tie that narrows at the neck, which these days is merely very worn at weddings or region of a dress uniform. The tie takes its name from the Royal Ascot sawhorse race at which punters inactive turn up in formal wear at Ascot Racecourse in England .

60 Battery unit : VOLT

Alessandro Volta was the physicist who invented the first battery, way back in 1800. One of Volta ’ s first applications of his new invention was to use a battery ( and a very long run of wire between the italian cities of Como and Milan ) to shoot off a pistol from 30 miles off ! The electric potential unit of measurement “ volt ” is named for Volta .

61 Irish New Ager : ENYA

Enya ’ s real name is Eithne Ní Bhraonáin, which can translate from Irish into Enya Brennan. Her Donegal family ( in the northwest of Ireland ) formed a band called Clannad, which included Enya. In 1980 Enya launched her very successful solo career, finally becoming Ireland ’ s best-selling solo musician. And, she sure does turn up a bunch in crosswords !

63 Ctrl-Alt-__ : DEL

Ctrl-Alt-Delete is a keyboard dominate on IBM PC compatible systems used for a soft boot, or more recently to bring up the tax director in the Windows function system. Bill Gates tells us that the command was in the first place just a device to be used during development and was never meant to “ go alive ”. He once said that “ Ctrl+Alt+Delete ” was a mistake, and that he would have preferred a consecrated key on the keyboard that carried out the same officiate .
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Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 “ __ : gotterdammerung ” : 2017 superhero film : THOR
5 Mob emboss : CAPO
9 Popular pudding stigmatize : jello
14 Fit for harvesting : RIPE
15 six-sided state : UTAH
16 Be of use to : AVAIL
17 suitable for all __ : game rate : AGES
18 Actress Petty : LORI
19 Event locate : VENUE
20 December vacation mail : CHRISTMAS CARD ( sliced “ CH-ARD ” )
23 “ __ do it ” : “ Sorry ” : I CAN ’ T
24 Arthur with two Emmys and a Tony : BEA
25 CO winter hour. : MST
28 killer whale : KILLER WHALE ( sliced “ K-ALE ” )
33 amerind music style adopted by the Beatles : RAGA
37 “ All in favor ” vote : AYE
38 Undercover cops may wear them : WIRES
39 Flowerlike ocean animal : ANEMONE
41 Airport kiosk printout : E-TICKET
43 Prefix with submit or net : INTER-
44 __ Kippur : YOM
45 Former fast fliers : Abbr. : SSTS
46 Significant other : independent SQUEEZE ( sliced “ MAI-ZE ” )
50 Overnight choice : INN
51 Pence and Harris : Abbr. : VPS
52 letter after beta : GAMMA
57 Salad crudités … and a tip to each course of circle letters : SLICED VEGGIES
62 “ Piece of patty, ” e.g. : IDIOM
64 Diner sign element : NEON
65 Actor Guinness : ALEC
66 Patient no retentive : FED UP
67 Tyne of “ Judging Amy ” : DALY
68 Fascinated by : INTO
69 luge vehicles : SLEDS
70 Mex. neglect : SRTA
71 Tree house : NEST


1 “ Baywatch ” actress Bingham : TRACI
2 note for a soprano : HIGH C
3 Rossini exploit : OPERA
4 varnish part : RESIN
5 Like many midnight movies : CULT
6 Quark plaza : ATOM
7 Sunday school fib : PARABLE
8 “ Yes, it ’ south clear now ” : OH, I SEE
9 Morning cup : JAVA
10 At any point : EVER
11 Big Ben and the Golden Gate Bridge, e.g. : LANDMARKS
12 Greater N.Y. school : LIU
13 Bullring “ Bravo ! ” : OLE !
21 NASDAQ buy : STK
22 Jeep or Jetta : CAR
26 dangerous precipitation : SLEET
27 What the doctor ordered : TESTS
29 Golf commentator __ Baker-Finch : IAN
30 Bleaching agent : LYE
31 1910s conflict, concisely : WWI
32 Minute Maid drinks : HI-CS
33 Spider-Man films conductor : RAIMI
34 Kofi of the U.N. : ANNAN
35 Pick a lock, say : GET INSIDE
36 “ __ to that ! ” : AMEN
40 Surg. areas : ORS
41 Want-ad letters : EOE
42 Harvey Levin ’ s on-line yellow journalism : TMZ
44 sigh agreement : YES, DEAR
47 Home shopper ’ s channel : QVC
48 Flips : UPENDS
49 Silly Putty holder : EGG
53 “ Let ’ s take it from the top ” : AGAIN
54 Pooh creator : MILNE
55 Runs into : MEETS
56 Knotted neckwear : ASCOT
58 excessively bright, fashionwise : LOUD
59 Rascals : IMPS
60 Battery unit : VOLT
61 irish New Ager : ENYA
62 They aren ’ metric ton certain things : IFS
63 Ctrl-Alt-__ : DEL Leave a comment ( below ), or …
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