20 That 70s Show Quotes That Are Still Amazing

Throughout the deep 1990s early 2000s, That 70s Show was one of the best television receiver Shows for its memorable television receiver Characters and quotes. Although the serial finale aired on May 18, 2006, the bequest that the read left is one that will be constantly ingrained in our hearts. Across the indicate ’ south eight seasons and 200 episodes the read ’ s main characters provided us with many quotes that were perplex, hilarious, and/or savage, to name a few reactions. All of the quotes featured here will be from versatile characters and are listed in no particular order. now, with all of that being said, let ’ s take a look down below and check out 20 That 70s Show Quotes That Are inactive Amazing :


1. “Foot Up Your Ass” -Red (Throughout The Entire Series):

Red ( Kurtwood Smith ) is one of the television ’ s most iconic dads of all prison term. He delivers some of That 70s Show ’ s most memorable quotes. honestly, this entire article could be barely 20 amazing Red Forman Quotes from That 70s Show. This is the first of several amazing quotes by Red Forman featured in this article. Most of any television Series ’ most iconic and amazing quotes are catchphrases that the read ’ sulfur characters country multiple times throughout the show ’ mho entire run. One of That 70s Show ‘ s most memorable quotes comes from Red ’ s recurring catchphrase “ Foot Up Your Ass ”. Throughout the entire show, Red, a Vietnam War vet, threatens to put his foot up person ’ south ass in the most creative ways potential. It was intemperate barely to pick one “ Foot up your fuck ” quote, so, I included a video below on a compilation of Red wanting to put his foot up person ’ mho ass .

2. “I Don’t Love People. I Love Camaros, Zeppelin, And French Fries – In That Order!” -Hyde:

Like with Red, Hyde is another fictional character from That 70s Show who produced a lot of the appearance ’ s most memorable quotes and this article could have besides been just about 20 Amazing Steven Hyde Quotes From That 70s Show. This quotation listed here is the first of the few Quotes that Hyde says in That 70s Show. The combination of Camaros, Zeppelin, and french Fries wholly screams the 1970s earned run average. ad 20 That 70s Show Quotes That Are Still Amazing

3. “Damn Jackie, I can’t control the Weather!” -Kelso:

I couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate do an article about Amazing Quotes from That 70s Show without including Kelso ( Ashton Kutcher ) memorably stating : “ Damn Jackie, I can ’ t control the weather ! ” This was his reaction to her when she asked why he wouldn ’ thymine give her his jacket while they were external in the freeze cold .

4. “Yelling is The Only Part of Being A Father That I Enjoy!” -Red:

red delivers another one of his memorable quotes during the Season 5 Episode 15 episode “ When The Levee Breaks ” after Eric informs him about his battle to Donna. ad 20 That 70s Show Quotes That Are Still Amazing

5. “Look, If I Could Run Across The Beach Into My Own Arms, I Would” -Jackie:

The That 70s Show Season 5 finale produced one of Jackie Burkhart ( Mila Kunis ) ’ second perplex quotes of the entire series. Her assurance is definite goals. This affirmation is one of those quotes that can be good used to describe part of who Jackie Burkhart is : honest, deaden, and confident. Jackie Burkhart is not that kind of girlfriend who settles for just anyone and wants perfection when it comes to her amatory relationships. ad 20 That 70s Show Quotes That Are Still Amazing

6. “Son of a Bitch!” – Fez:

Another one of the most amazing quotes from That 70s Show is Fez ’ s recurring catchphrase “ Son of a gripe ! ” The video downstairs is a compilation of Fez saying one of his catchphrases throughout the picture ’ mho entire play .

7. “God, What Did You Eat For Breakfast, Carnation-Instant Bitch?” -Eric:

This comeback from Eric ( Topher Grace ) ranks highly among the show ’ s most amaze quotes. This is something any of you readers can say as a comeback to get people who you don ’ thymine like to shut up ! Trust me, this quotation will make them not be able to say anything back. ad

8. “One day, I’m gonna open a restaurant, and everything on the menu is gonna be special. So, when somebody comes in and says “Hey, Kelso, what’s special on the menu?”, I can say “Everything.” -Kelso:

The Circle on That 70s Show produced some of the picture ’ s most amazing quotes always. My favored quotation mark from the circle was the one that Kelso said about wanting to open a restaurant. 20 That 70s Show Quotes That Are Still Amazing

9. “Keep Your Friends Closer and Your Enemies Fat”            -Jackie:

Remember the old saying “ Keep your friends closer and your enemies closer ” ? Well, according to Jackie Burkhart, while you should keep your friends close, you should keep/get your enemies fat rather ! This is one of the best quotes describing how people should deal with their haters. ad 20 That 70s Show Quotes That Are Still Amazing

10. “You Don’t Have Bad Luck. The Reason That Bad Things Happen To You Is Because You’re A Dumbass!” -Red:

In the episode “ Thanksgiving ”, Eric opts to come clean with Donna after he kisses a friend of his sister ’ mho during Thanksgiving. While naturally Donna is angered over the incidental, Eric decides to then go complain to his church father crimson about his bad fortune, an mind that Red shoots down immediately with this epic poem burn. 20 That 70s Show Quotes That Are Still Amazing


11. ” I can’t believe Laurie bit me. I hope she didn’t give me slut rabies.” -Donna:

As I stated earlier, characters from That 70s Show that deliver some of the series most amazing and iconic quotes are Hyde and Red. Although Donna Pinciotti ( Laura Prepon ) is one of the testify ’ mho independent characters, she, in my public opinion, delivers some of the most perplex quotes from That 70s Show that seriously underestimate and deserve more recognition. In the Season 2, Episode 25 episode “ Cat Fight Club ” Donna delivers this quote ( which is my favorite one from all of the quotes Donna says on That 70s Show ) in the consequence of the cat-fight ( see the video below ) between Jackie and Eric ’ s sister Laurie ( Lisa Robin Kelly ), who evaluation insults over each other after Kelso cheating on Jackie with Laurie. Donna attempted to break up the contend, only to get bitten by Laurie. While the cat-fight is entertaining, Donna ’ s “ slattern rabies ” gossip has me on the floor in laugh every time I watch the scene. ad

12. “Eric… It Fits” -Red:

This epic burn off from Red came after Kitty asked him for a four letter word disappoint for her crossword puzzle puzzle at the breakfast board. Whenever an opportunity to roast his own son presents itself, Red always took it. 20 That 70s Show Quotes That Are Still Amazing ad

13. “I said Good Day!” -Fez (Throughout The Entire Series):

Another one of the most popular quotes to come from That 70s Show entire ladder is “ I said good day ”. Fez utters this catchphrase whenever he wants to get out of a situation where he feels that he doesn ’ t have the upper hand in. 20 That 70s Show Quotes That Are Still Amazing

14. “Fez! We just caught these two frenching, like a couple of French people at a frenching festival!” -Donna:

Another one of That 70s Show quotes that ’ s amazing however highly underestimate that Donna delivers is this one after she, Eric, and Fez walk in on and catch Jackie and Hyde making out on the sofa in Eric ’ s basement. Watch the entire scene play out in the video recording below. ad

15. “You kids switch partners more than square dancers.”  -Kitty:

In the That 70s Show Season 5 premiere episode, Kitty delivers this note after walking in on Hyde and Jackie making out in the kitchen. Just like with Donna ’ s “ adulteress rabies ” ( see # 11 above ) and “ frenching like a couple of french people at a frenching festival ” comments ( see # 14 above ), Kitty ’ second wrinkle in this picture ( from 0:50-1:00 in the video below ) is one of the most perplex so far highly underestimate Quotes from That 70s Show .

16. “I Don’t Know What You Heard, But This Show Ain’t Free” -Fez:

This is Fez ’ south response after Red unintentionally walks in on him taking a lavish in the Forman family .

17. “No, Aquarius” -Leo:

honestly, anything Leo said was hysterical, like right here with his confusion between sobriety and horoscopes. ad 20 That 70s Show Quotes That Are Still Amazing

18. “I Can’t Believe I’m Back in Gym, Or as I Like To Call It, The Institute Of Things I Can’t Do” -Eric:

common feelings here Eric ! I bet this is how everyone felt back in the days when we had to go to P.E. during elementary and middle school. 20 That 70s Show Quotes That Are Still Amazing ad

19. “Burn!” -Kelso (Throughout The Entire Series):

The video recording under is compilation of Kelso saying his epic catchphrase : “ Burn ! ”

20. “Don’t Put Me In Your Fantasies. I Don’t Even Like Being In Your Real Life.” -Hyde:

overall, this quote sums up Hyde ’ s general attitude when he has to deal with people who he has no esteem for. It doesn ’ t leave much room for error. 20 That 70s Show Quotes That Are Still Amazing


Which of these Amazing Quotes from That 70s Show is your favorite one? Let us know which quotes down below in the comments section!

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