Everyone is always interested in playing games, especially for kids. All must have heard of the game pokemon!. There is a cartoon also available. So many series of pokemon games are available for playing. Here we will be specifically discussing the emerald version of pokemon.


What Is Pokemon Emerald?

Pokémon Emerald Edition is a role-playing computer game for Game Boy Advance released in 2004 by Game Freak and produced by Pokémon Company & Nintendo.

This was first launched in Japan in 2004, followed by an international release in 2005. It is an improvement of Pokémon Ruby as well as Sapphire and also the third gen’s final game.

What Gen Is Pokemon Emerald? 

The Pokemon emerald emulator is the last installment in the Pokémon online gaming franchise’s third generation. The Emerald version of pokemon is now accessible for playing Gameboy advance.  It is only available on Emulator-Games.net in the US English version.

Here is the way to play Pokemon emerald emulator on your PC in 2020. Get Pokémon title for Gameboy Color by typing Pokémon. Download and extract the zip file. To open this emulator window, double-click the bgb.exe file. Right-click that pokemon emerald emulator windows and select Load ROM from the menu that appears.

What Pokemon Are In Pokemon Emerald?

  • Surskit- Ruby(bug) & Sapphire(water)
  •  Masquerain-Ruby(bug) & Sapphire(water)
  • Meditite-Ruby & Sapphire
  •  Medicham-Ruby& Sapphire
  •  Roselia-Ruby&Sapphire
  •  Zangoose-Ruby
  • Lunatone-Sapphire

How To Download Pokemon Emerald Rom?

The Pokemon Emerald Rom download involves the following steps.

  1. Visual Boy Advancement should be run. This is an executable (.exe) file.
  2. Open Gameboy by going to File>>Open Gameboy. After that, pick that ROM (Pokemon Emerald Rom).
  3. “Inside Battery having run ‘Dry,’ the match can be enjoyed,” it will now claim. To correct this, navigate to Options>>Emulator>>Real-Time Watch and choose R- Timer.
  4. Once you’ve entered your details, cheats are automatically allowed.

Use an emulator to play the Emerald Version Of pokemon ROM. Play a high-quality GBA game online on your desktop PC, cell phone, or tablet. If you like such a free ROM on Emulator Plays, you can do a pokemon emerald ROM download Fire Red Edition (V1.1) & Pokemon  HeartGold Edition as well. Above are the easy and simple steps for pokemon emerald ROM download.

The Pokemon emerald download is available for pc, android, GBA ROMs, GBA ROMs for ds, GBA ROMs for randomizer, etc. Pokemon emerald download for mac involves 4 steps.

  • VBA Game boy advance Advancement Emulator in PC is available for Windows and Mac
  • Download Pokemon emerald Rom here.
  • Now open the Pokemon Yellow zip archive and remove it.
  • After that, open the Visual Boy Advance emulator and pick the Download Pokemon Emerald ROM zip archive from the file –> >Open menu.

For Pokemon emerald download links are also available online.


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