How to Watch ‘Spencer’: Here’s Where You Can Watch Kristen Stewart’s Princess Diana Biopic Right Now

It ’ randomness been about 25 years since Diana, Princess of Wales passed away in a tragic car crash. In all these years, her life and character have been documented and portrayed in film and television, through different perspectives. But Spencer digs deeper into the person, the woman, and the mother that Princess Diana besides was, away from being a member of the royal syndicate ; something that has never very been explored. The biographic psychological play movie is a protection to and a portrayal of the beloved princess .
Kristen Stewart embodies the nominal function of Diana, Princess of Wales ( born Diana Frances Spencer ), who was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales. The plot focuses on a particular segment of her animation, years after she is marital and has become a mother of two boys when she decides to end her marriage to Charles and resign from the royalty. Stewart ’ mho interpretation of the character explores the emotional travel of Diana as she deals with a failing marriage, her identity, motherhood, and being a popular face of the british Royal family. Supporting Stewart ’ second function, Jack Farthing plays the character of Prince Charles .

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Besides Stewart and Farthing, the ensemble draw of Spencer besides includes Timothy Spall, Sean Harris, Sally Hawkins, Jack Nielen, Freddie Spry, Stella Gonet, Richard Sammel, Olga Hellsing, Thomas Douglas, Mathias Wolkowski, Oriana Gordon, and Amy Manson, among others.

Spencer is directed by Pablo Larraín, who besides directed other biopics like Jackie and Neruda. The history is written by Steven Knight, of Locke, Peaky Blinders, and Dirty Pretty Things fame. With all that we have learned so army for the liberation of rwanda about the biopic, it sounds like a movie to look forward to. so, here ’ s a handy guidebook that answers all the questions you might have about where and how to watch Spencer .
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Watch the Spencer Trailer

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neon and Topic Studios released a teaser trailer on August 26, 2021, that takes a promptly glance into Spencer and Kristen Stewart ’ s role. It was then followed by an extended official trailer released on September 23, 2021. The teaser zooms through the first expression at Diana as a princess, a wife, and a mother and her struggles to fit into the role of royalty, with all the expectations that come with it. The official trailer gives a little more detailed expression at the other characters and draw members and features a distressed Diana during the Christmas season with the rest of the royal kin, showcasing how she navigates between her substantial self and her royal character .Advertisement

What is Spencer About?

Spencer is basically a biographic report of Diana. But unlike most other biographies made on her, this movie explores a identical short but significant period of her life .
As the official outline goes, “ The marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles has long since grown cold. Though rumors of affairs and a divorce abound, peace is ordained for the Christmas festivities at the Queen ’ s Sandringham Estate. ”
The plot extracts bits and pieces of what happened in reality. Diana and Charles separated in 1992 soon after their fail marriage became public. They finally divorced in 1996. The movie explores the time period when Diana was at a turning luff in her animation and trying to figure out her path. Years after her marriage, Diana finds herself tear between being an individual of free will and a celebrate princess. The narrative of Spencer is set in 1991 before Diana and Charles announced their interval. The movie sees Diana trying to restore peace for the vacation celebrations and joining the imperial syndicate in the festivities while struggling with her emotional tumult .Advertisement

Is Spencer Streaming Online?


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unfortunately, no. Spencer will entirely be released in the theaters. The movie is distributed by Neon and Topic Studios in the United States and STXfilms in the United Kingdom. At the moment, the entirely option for you to watch the biopic is to head to your nearest field .

Is Spencer Available to Rent or Buy on Digital and VOD?

so far, there is no official announcement from the product or distribution companies about the digital release of Spencer. The movie is all set for an single theatrical performance turn at least during its premier. It ’ s possible that after some time, it might land on any of the democratic pour services or VOD. But for now, Spencer will not be available on any of the OTT platforms .
Bookmark this page, because we ‘ll update it with more details on how to watch Spencer at home adenine soon as we know them !Advertisement

Is Spencer in Movie Theaters?

Spencer had its world premier at the 78th Venice International Film Festival on September 3, 2021. It was besides screened at the 48th Telluride Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival in the lapp calendar month. The biographic drama is all located to release across theaters in the United States and the United Kingdom on November 5, 2021 .
angstrom far as theaters are concerned at the moment, the continued rise in coronavirus cases might inactive call for maintaining social outdistance, wearing a dissemble, and following other safety protocols. Though the site is more under control than ahead, theaters might hush require you to exercise caution. And rightfully sol. Be sure to follow your state ’ randomness most holocene health and safety guidelines when visiting your local dramaturgy for a worry-free movie-watching have .Advertisement

Other Princess Diana Biopics That You Can Watch Right Now


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Although it ’ s been more than two decades since the world lost the royal fame, the life and personality of Princess Diana placid intrigue people and continue to draw care. While you are waiting to watch Spencer, you can besides check out early works in movie and television that explore her life before and after royalty, her cryptic death, and her function as a princess. here are some of the best projects that revisit Diana ’ second life –

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The Queen: The plot takes off after the news program of Diana ’ s death goes public. In the wake of what the media called a home calamity, the Prime Minister and the imperial family find themselves struggling with the media attention. While Buckingham Palace is queerly silence and reluctant to mourn, Tony Blair sees it as a public-relations catastrophe and attempts to persuade the Queen to pay the needed protection to the asleep princess. With an corps de ballet hurl including Helen Mirren, Michael Sheen, James Cromwell, Helen McCrory, Alex Jennings, and more, The Queen is a mighty biopic that will give you a sub-rosa attend at what happened after Diana ’ s tragic accident .Advertisement Watch it on HBO Max
The Story of Diana: The four-hour television objective was released to mark the twentieth anniversary of Diana ’ s death. The ABC film explores her life and bequest through interviews, archived footage, and conversations with historians, experts, and all the significant people in her life. The documentary features an exclusive interview with Diana ’ s brother, Charles Spencer, and other one-on-one interactions with Richard Branson, Lana Marks, Wayne Sleep, and Prince Charles ’ cousin, India Hicks. The Story of Diana is an penetration into the real-life of the princess and is worth a watch .
Rent it on Amazon
Diana – In her own words: Documented in 1991, this is a solicitation of interviews with Princess Diana, curated by Andrew Morton for her biography. The interviews give a never-seen-before look at the royal fame and global calculate, talking about her marriage, her social condition, and the media engagement in her life, giving a perspective on the princess that ‘s not bound by the common filters .Advertisement Rent it on Amazon
Diana: Based on the 2001 book, Diana : Her survive Love, by Kate Snell, this biographic drama features Naomi Watts in the titular role. The plot follows the final two years of Diana ’ south life, after her divorce from Charles, the Prince of Wales. The movie explores the period before her end when she meets a Pakistani heart surgeon, Hasnat Khan ( Naveen Andrews ), and falls in love. The floor besides covers her political tour to Angola to campaign against the use of down mines .
Watch it with AMC+
Diana: The Royal Truth: It ’ s one thing to watch biographies and stories about Diana, it ’ s a whole other thing to hear a first-hand report from a penis of the royal family. Diana: The Royal Truth is a objective film created by Paul Burrell, a erstwhile handmaid at the british royal family. Burrell lived through all the events of Diana ’ s life since her marriage to Prince Charles, until her separation and death. The film gives a identical inner, heartbreaking look into the rollercoaster life of Diana and unravels the true report of the beloved princess .Advertisement Watch it on Amazon
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