how to use smartphone to access internet through wifi without paying any data usage


WiFi router needs your login and password to access internet.

You need to setup the Router with the username and password.
The username is the one you used to login the router.
The password is the one you have used while setting up the router.


If you don’t have the password and username then you can not use that router.
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You need to enter the router credentials for Internet access on the device. This is done through the setup utility or through the device’s settings menus. Most routers will have this option. You’ll need the password for this option to work.
For more information check out these links.
You have to do this if you are logged in through a WiFi connection (like your own WiFi) or a public WiFi.
The option does not work when you are connected through a mobile network connection, as you can’t connect to the Internet.
Also, the option does not work on smartphones, only other devices. (It would be a very expensive phone to do the trick.)


I have a TP-Link WNDR3400 router. You cannot use your phone or tablet to connect to the internet without entering the username and password.
The reason is that it must be a password protected WLAN for the devices to connect to the internet. If they don’t know the password they cannot use the internet from that device.


If you’re not trying to connect to any specific Wi-Fi connection (like your own router at home or a public hotspot) and just want to access the Internet with your smartphone, you can achieve this by:

Check your smartphone’s network settings. Most smartphones come with a way to do this. On my N3 running 4.4.4, I can access a page like this:

Type in your user name and password.
On some phones, the password may not even be necessary, as it is shown as the default user name for the internet.

On my device, there is no password, so I had to enter a user name, which may or may not be the same as my own username, depending on what your device user account settings are.

Note that the internet will not be unlimited, as it is, by default, limited to 500 MB/month.
If you want to know more about Wi-Fi networks on your smartphone, you can try an app like Wi-Fi Map, which also lets you configure your device to remember your access point.

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