How to Use iphone and make it an alarm clock for your children

It happens to a lot of us. Even though we have everything we need at home, we still need to go out and buy those items which we may not have found time to buy. Now you don’t have to worry about buying a cheap alarm clock, a few iphone apps to your side will ensure that your children will wake up on time.

Today, there are many applications on the market, which offer a host of fun features to our iphone. Some are even so innovative that they come with a few new features and they make our experience much better. Some of the features of these applications are as follows:

1. Alarm clock with a choice of sounds

You will now be given a choice of alarm sounds for your iphone. It may be good if your child likes a particular tune. If he doesn’t, then it’s no big deal. You just have to choose a sound for the day. Let’s say that if it’s Monday morning, then you should choose music to alert your child.


Another option is a clock with the screen showing the time. All you need to do is select a particular picture for the clock, which the screen will now display.

2. Remind your child about his daily activities

You can be sure that your child will perform all his tasks, simply by installing this alarm clock for him. He will be reminded about his chores and tasks by this app. You will also know how many minutes he spent in doing each one.

If you are concerned that your child isn’t coming home on time, then a reminder would surely work wonders. You can even set up a message to be played when your child’s alarm goes off.

3. Fun sound options

Alarm clocks with a lot of features are very common. Many of these alarm clocks come with the features that allow the user to select a lot of sounds and alarms.

Many of the newer alarm clocks for iphone come with these sound and alarms options. When you are putting up an alarm clock for your child, you need to be sure that you are getting the best ones.

4. Alarm reminder

It may seem like a lot, but this really is one of the coolest things of these apps. Alarm clocks have been with us for ages, but alarm reminder is a recent invention. Alarm reminder helps in setting up your child’s alarm.

This app will help you in setting up the alarm, with the ability to check on how your child woke up every day. It’s a really cool app, and it will come in very handy.

5. Weather forecast

Many times, you may be the one responsible for waking up your child in the morning. If you want to make sure that your child wakes up on time, then you should take care of the weather forecast.

These alarm clocks for iphone come with this feature. Once you set up the app, you can choose the time and date that you want to wake your child. This app will show you the weather forecast, so that you can see whether it’s going to be a rainy day or a cloudy one.

In a nutshell

This is the first in the list of the best alarm clock for iphone. It will help you in waking up your child, with the help of a variety of alarm sounds and reminders. The alarm reminder option will keep you up to date with your child’s activity throughout the day.

6. Wake Your Children Up

This is the best alarm clock for iphone. It allows you to wake your children with a nice ring tone that will sound when the alarm goes off. This app will remind you about your child’s activities, and you can easily view all the stuff that he did that day.

This alarm clock is completely free and there is no need to pay any sort of cost. You can download this application from the app store and start using it, at your convenience.

7. Wake your Children up with Snooze

This app lets you wake up your children by providing a selection of alarm sounds. It gives you a good sleep option too, so that you can wake your children up, without using the loud sound.

These alarm sounds, will remind your child about his daily activities, and you will be able to check the time he spent in doing each one of them. The app will also tell you about the weather, so that you can make sure that he woke up without getting wet or cold.

8. Make your iphone an alarm clock

This is one of the simplest ways to wake your child

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