How to Use iphone 6s with a sim card on other carrier than iphone

When you sign up for an iPhone, there is a one time charge of $199 and a month to month $15.99 monthly charge. The service is free with your cellular provider of choice and free with T-Mobile.
iPhone 6s is the first iPhone to have a NFC chip. NFC stands for Near Field Communication. With an NFC capable device (for example an iPhone), you can pay and purchase items in stores using your phone’s NFC Chip.
If you buy a new device like an iPhone from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile, you can sign up for the iCloud/Apple ID setup with one SIM card. From there, you can install iCloud and download the iTunes and App Store.
It is possible to sign up with your old phone number, but it is not an option with the iPhone.
From that point, you have to do the following setup:

Set up your iCloud/Apple ID on the new phone using your Apple ID/iCloud account
Make sure your email/contact are linked on iCloud/Apple ID
Install iCloud via the iTunes App Store
Set up the phone for the carrier of your choice

It is also possible to buy an iPhone from Verizon/AT&T/Sprint or T-Mobile and use your current SIM card. It is also possible to add a new line to your existing SIM card. From there, follow the same steps above. It is not possible to do a SIM switch without a service from the carrier of choice.


I am on the T-Mobile network. You have 3 options:

You can use your old phone number (but you will need to sign-in to it)
Use your existing Apple ID to login
Use a T-Mobile ID (you may have forgotten it)

The last two options are actually similar to using iCloud (except you login to and not iTunes), so I suggest you try those first.

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