how to use bike on beach

As a surfer, I have found no place on the planet I don’t like riding a bike! But, the beach is a great place to practice your technique and get a good cardio workout. Plus, you can ride your bike at sunset, which is when the sun is low, and there are less people on the beach. A great way to start off your training and get your legs back in shape.

If you don’t want to buy a cheap $3-$10 helmet, you can rent one from the hotels on the beach, if you go to San Juan del Sur. Make sure you take a lock to lock your bike to something.


Beach Bikes (Bicycles) with Rental Lockers

You are required to lock your bikes to a bike rack. Not everybody realizes this because there is a good chance you will encounter some local “helpers” who will give you a lock. While this may be fine, make sure you check for a proper bike lock, as these guys are not “do-it-yourselfers” who can build a strong bike lock, but rather, they are just trying to earn a buck.

For example, the hotel I was staying at, they had all of these cheap, plastic, lockers with “Do not use these locks.” All these guys did, is make the lock for you and use a $5 bolt cutter to open the lock. You are supposed to pay the guy to “fix” the lock for you, and then he makes you pay him another $5 to “lock” the bike. Then, he goes back and gets the next customer. This was an hour-long ordeal for me to unlock my bike.

So, if you get a “helper”, make sure he is someone you can trust.

Riding the Beach Bikes, Beach Carts, and Other Types of Beach Transportation

Bike Riding on the Beach San Juan Del Sur, Puerto Rico

This is what I have done on a couple of occasions when I go to San Juan Del Sur. If you are riding down the beach in San Juan Del Sur, you will notice a lot of cars with a small motor behind. These are called beach carts or beach bikes. There are 3 main types of these beach carts: A bike bike, a trike, and a trike and bike. These beach carts, also, need to be locked to something. But, they have a lock for the handlebars or back wheel. For the front wheel, you can tie your bicycle to the front wheel.

My favorite spot to ride is where you can park right next to the beach and get onto the beach easily. This can be quite annoying if you are just a bike rider, but this is an excellent opportunity for surfers to train their technique. This is also a place where, during the day, you will encounter many locals and tourists, which will give you an opportunity to practice English with some people.

I have seen a number of other surfers that ride with a surf board instead of a bicycle. This can be a good idea if you are training for the waves and you want to train with a board.

The other option is to rent one of these beach bikes. But, these are more for tourists and surfers. The rates are not cheap. A lot of people will just rent one for $10-$20 per day.

The downside, the beach cart or bike does have a lot of “bells and whistles”. Many of these types of beach carts and bikes have lights on the front and back, as well as an onboard radio. Also, if you have any sort of water or sand in your tires, you need to bring a little “cleaning kit” for your bike. For example, I had to bring a little towel and an airbrush to be able to get my bike cleaned. A lot of these places can be very expensive. I also recommend taking a lock with you, for extra security.

Renting a Bicycle in San Juan Del Sur

Biking on the Beach San Juan Del Sur

There is one place in San Juan del Sur where I had good luck when I was visiting San Juan del Sur for the first time. This is a beach with a bicycle path along the beach, and there are a lot of little businesses along this route. This means a lot of people will be riding by these little “beach bike parking lots” and stopping to check out the “tourist traps”. So, I figured, if you are going to do this, better do it near San Juan del Sur.

This “bike path” is about 25-50 feet wide and a lot of it is gravel and sand. The entire length of this path, you can rent beach bikes. I found one shop

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