How to prepare for Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update

A major update for Animal Crossing : New Horizons is scheduled for Nov. 5, 2021 — and if you haven ’ triiodothyronine already returned to your island in anticipation of the launch, now ’ s the time. With sol much modern contentedness arriving on our shores, there ’ south probably some work you ’ ll want to do before it washes up .
Though New Horizons ’ popularity initially after launch was unprecedented — and stayed that way for months — people did finally move on to other things. For some of us, it ’ south been more than a year since we ’ ve last checked in on our islands. The space is overgrown with weeds. Flowers are spilling over into walkways. No one ’ s think to pick up the sticks. There are cockroaches in my home. But, personally, it ’ south more than that. I got a little chaotic in my death months before I signed off. I tightly packed all my villagers ’ houses into a little corner of the island, and turned a fourth of the position into a giant star scandalmongering bloom field. It ’ randomness beautiful, yes. But do I have enough space to create a farm in which I grow and cook my own food ? absolutely not .
You may not have an extremely big yellow flower field on your island, but chances are that you ’ ve used up a lot of your space. With the new update, I ’ m going to have to renovate — and you might have to consider it, besides .

Reacquaint yourself with your island

Animal Crossing characters doing yoga and other calisthenic exercises in the game

The best place to start is to familiarize yourself with your island again. Look at your map, but besides walk your shores and take in the outer space you ’ re created. Appreciate the hard work you ’ ve put into creating your island oasis before you tear that jack to the ground.

( Just … kidding ? )
For me, I used this time to reflect on what I needed to do. Though I remembered my villager vicinity being isolated, it ’ mho actually right in battlefront of the airport dock. That ’ sulfur bad. It ’ s closed off on a little piece of land with the Resident Services construction, before rogue flowers spawning from the massive sphere originate overtaking portions of domain. The museum, soon to be a social hub for my villagers, is tucked back on a faraway, upper helping of my island. Though it ’ south impeccably landscaped over there with its stunning court — save the weeds — it ’ mho identical far back from all the natural process from the Resident Services plaza. Simply put, it ’ s a annoyance in the ass to reach .
But the main part of my island is this : Without noticing it, I somehow managed to stuff all my buildings into one half of the island. And the early half is efficaciously empty, except for the massive yellow flower playing field and my own island home. My initial think was that I would have to flatten my island to the grind and function from there. But after my walkthrough, I realized I had a bunch of open space I could focus on, and complete the island rework in steps, quite than in one bloodcurdling craze .
But you might precisely have a single plot of bring you want to clear for a new farming area or a new segment of your island to display all that delectable new food. Regardless of what your problem area is, make note of it, so you can make a plan .

Make a plan and enact it

Make a map of your island, whether that ’ south on newspaper or using a digital tool like glad Island Designer. ( I prefer the digital interpretation, since it ’ s so easy to tweak. ) There, you can recreate your current island frame-up and your ambition island frame-up, and use those two maps to plan out precisely how to move forward .
Creating the steps from there will be easy ( or unvoiced ), based on your needs. Though there is a large parcel of the community renovating their stallion islands, I think it ’ south more likely that people will be clearing space for farms. For some, that might mean moving a home or two. For others, that could be cutting down trees and pulling up weeds and flowers .
once an area is clear, you could just go ahead and leave the parcel of land empty until the new update rolls around in November. But, if you ’ re a planner like me, you ’ ll credibly want to start getting the layout right. You can use custom designs on the grate to create garden rows, like you would for pumpkins, and possibly a fence and some signs to decorate the area. If that ’ s the case, you ’ ll just have to tweak some things before jumping right into your farm on Nov. 5. There are reasons to wait, though : The new log fence will be perfect for gating off gardens .
This is what I mean :

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Plots are all set up and ready to go !
Another easy thing you could do is to clean up decorations you might have put up for some early holiday. Is the last prison term you played during Bunny Day ? Get that out of here ! You can celebrate fall by putting up pumpkins and other seasonal worker interior decoration .
If you ’ re flattening your island to the ground, godspeed. I ’ megabyte distress in the dullness of pulling up my field of jaundiced flowers .

Clear your dock

One easy way to spruce up your island is to clear your dock for Kapp ’ north. The fellow ’ s making his way on Nov. 5, and he might enjoy a cozy small point of his own .

Load up on Nook Miles and other materials

expression : Chances are that you don ’ t have a dearth of Nook Miles. But if you do, you ’ re going to want to start stocking up.

nook Miles have always been utilitarian, but there are a bunch together of extremely cool furniture items — like circus thrust — added to the Nook Miles catalogue. But more importantly, Kapp ’ n ’ sulfur boat tours will cost 1,000 Nook Miles each round. As a newfangled feature, it ’ randomness something you ’ ll want to explore a batch. Don ’ thymine let your Nook Miles stop you .
You ’ ll besides need to use Nook Miles to buy the DIY Recipes+ stuff to get cooking. What I ’ molarity state is, Nook Miles are typically flow, but you want to make certain you ’ ve got a batch. There are a set of ways to get Nook Miles, but the easiest is by hitting the milestones on your rewards card — material like placing fences, amassing fruit trees, and catching fish all prize Nook Miles .
While you ’ re at it, make indisputable to gather some extra materials then you ’ re able to craft the new DIY items in-game. Using your tools, besides, will help getting the aureate tools, which awards a long ton of Nook Miles .

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