How To Show Ping in League

The future problems with the League of Legends can be resolved by looking at your Ping and how it can be improved. RIOT has made it quite simple to display simple analytics statistics in-game, such as FPS and Ping, without the need to load online speed and ping-testers to do it for you.

The article gives you a detail of how you can display your league of legends ping and FPS in League of Legends.

How to show I Ping and FPS?

The game has a simple keybinding that displays your present Ping and FPS numbers by default on the top right corner of the screen.

How to fix Ping that is not visible in League of Legends

The game has some default key bindings, but some programs and settings can replace or disable them. Players use some different keybindings for the game, but the default shortcuts of the keyboard might collide with their purpose.

There is also a possibility that your keybindings were incorrectly set. It can be seen when the Ping is not visible when you press the keyboard shortcut. There is nothing to worry over this. Below mentioned are the steps you can follow to modify the keybindings.

  • The first step is to log in to the league client.
  • When it opens, click on the gear icon on the top right corner to go to settings.
  • Under In-game, on the left side menu, go into the hotkeys tab.
  • On scrolling a little down, you will see a “display” section. Click on it.
  • You will see “Toggle FPS display” appear on your screen. You need to click on the first cell on the right to change or modify the keybinding. The cell should show Ctrl+F by fault settings.
  • When you click on the cell, a pop-up will appear with the keybinding options. You can enter the keybinding that you want to use and then press “save.”
  • Apart from this, Current keybinding can be removed and left empty by pressing “Unbind.” This is beneficial if you do not wish to have two combinations of keyboards for a single action.
  • After making the changes, click “Done.”

Show Ping in League

How to league of legends show Ping in Game

A hotkey change can be made when you can access the settings, as you are already in the game.

  • To enter settings, press “”escape””.
  • From the above-listed steps, follow 3-7 steps to make changes on a hotkey.

It is suggested that changes to hotkeys and settings of games should be done outside of the game. This is because these setting changes sometimes take a lot of time, affecting the gameplay while getting through the settings. There is also an option to test how the game settings function while playing gameplay and making changes. You can get to the Practice mode to test them.

  • On the top left corner, you have an option of “Play.” Click on it.
  • Below the Play button, you will find a Training tab; click on it.
  • Select “”Practice Tool””.
  • On the bottom, click on “Confirm.”
  • As you press “Confirm,” a practice lobby will appear on your screen. You can set an AI-controlled opponent and start the game as soon as you are ready.
  • You can try out different settings, equipment, and strategies by choosing and selecting a champion from the selection screen.

How to show Ping league of legends in chat

There are a few reasons why you might want to display your Ping in the team conversation. One of the most vital is to let your teammates know if you’re having technical difficulties. Entering a match-deciding fight when everyone teleports around you and you can’t react to a terrible idea.

Alternatively, you can display your Ping to team members for guidance or assistance. Some players even brag about how low their Ping is and how fluid their performance is due to this setting.

Whatever the cause, there is a simple option to display your Ping in the game chat.

  • Toggle the FPS display on or off. The keybinding is Ctrl+F, by default. If the keybinding needs to be changed or not working correctly, you may follow the instructions mentioned above.
  • Left-click on your ping number on holding “Alt.” You need to be exact about this one because if you do not get it right, the game will ping the map.
  • The game chat will display the username, champion, and current ping number.
  • This message won’t be seen by the enemies in the game.

How do I show my FPS in League of Legends


The FPS shows how fast your game refreshes the current state of the gaming. A healthy FPS means the rate of FPS above 60. It means that you can view the image on your screen in real-time and react, keeping in mind the situation.

Use the “Toggle FPS display” keyboard shortcut to preview your FPS. By default settings, it shows Ctrl+F. Your FPS will be shown along with the current lol Ping on the top right corner of the screen. Whenever it needs to be displayed, league ping and FPS will be displayed together. There is no way presently to display just the FPS.

How do I find out what server I am on LOL?

  • Click to visit the official page.
  • Select League of Legends. Enter the language preferred and region for which you want to check.
  • A message window will appear showing the real-time status of the server.


What is Ping?

Ping is the time taken by the packet to travel between your device and the server that needs to be reached. In this League of Legends case, the travel time between the PC and the region’s server location is Ping. Ping is displayed in milliseconds(ms).

What can affect my Ping?

Certain factors can affect change in Ping.

  • There is a direct proportion relationship between Ping and the travel distance. The longer the packet takes to travel, the higher the Ping will be.
  • Internet connection also affects the Ping. An ethernet connection is far better than home Wifi.
  • If many programs that consume the Internet are running simultaneously, the LoL will be lagged due to excess consumption.
  • If many people are connected to the same network, Ping will increase slightly as there will be one line of ISP and several users trying to use it.

How can I reduce my Ping in League of Legends?

If you check lol Ping and notice a sudden increase in your Ping, there are a few methods by which it can be reduced.

  • You can close other programs that are running and using the Internet.
  • You can check league ping and if there are any errors while running the game.
  • The page should be checked for any technical difficulties. RIOT’s server page should be checked to get to know the issues.
  • Reset your internet connection. By resetting the connection, the game will be obstructed for a while, but it will help you remove other errors.
  • Changing internet providers can also be a good option and be replaced by those who provide better connections.


In the League of Legends, the player with the fastest and stable internet connection and the fastest reaction time can affect the match result; as soon as you observe any drop in the match p[aerformance, you can turn on the FPS and lol show Ping and check for the issue. When you notice the error, troubleshoot it to get it fixed. The game will start working without any flaws, and you will be near your victory in the match.

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