7 Ways of Saying Hello in French & Audio Pronunciation

💋To say hello in French, most students are familiar with “ bonjour ”. And it ’ mho very common to say “ bonjour ”. But there are other ways to say hello in French. indeed lashkar-e-taiba ’ s see the many different ways to say hello in French .

1 – Bonjour : the Most coarse way to say hello in french

Saying “ bonjour ” has to be the most common way of saying hello in French. And it ’ mho normally accompanied by a “ bisous à lanthanum française ” – a kiss on the buttock – or a firm hand shake. note we do not hug in France when we greet each early .

2 – A Polite Way to Say Hello in French

note that it is much more polite to follow this “ bonjour ” by “ Madame ” ( for a lady ), “ Monsieur ” ( for a man ) or “ Mademoiselle ” ( tricky… for a younger charwoman : read my article about this Madame or Mademoiselle, a delicate question )

then, when saying hello in French, try to get in the habit of saying :
When a politician adresses the state, he normally starts his address with Bonjour Mesdames, bonjour Messieurs…

3 – Saying Hello in French to a Large Group of People

If you were to enter a room full of people, like at the boulangerie ( bakery ) when there is a telephone line, you may then fair greet everybody with a general “ bonjour ” .
When I start my french television, I normally say “ bonjour à tous ” !

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2 – How to Say “ Hi ” in French ?

many french people use “ salut ” to say hello in a relax, cozy manner .
therefore, I ’ ve met many american students who consequently concluded that “ salut ” meant ‘ hawaii ’ in French. And it ’ s a big mistake .
See, in the US I would say ‘ hi ’ all the time : to my friends, but besides at the grocery store, or greeting the mailman .
I would NEVER use “ salut ” at the grocery or talking to the mailman to say “ Hi ” in french ! I would say “ Bonjour ” .
“ Salut ” is used among peers… now, this is besides a interrogate of social class. I ’ meter deplorable I can not be personal computer hera, but social class counts a lot in France. person from a aristocratic collar course may easily use “ salut ”, even with full strangers if he feels they belong to the lapp social class .
person from a white collar class would alone use “ salut ” with friends or acquaintances, but not strangers .
Of course, it ’ south difficult to write about what “ people ” do and don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate do… There always are exceptions to all stereotypes. Yet I thought this was deserving mention .

3 – What does “ Coucou ” Mean in French ?

That ’ s my personal darling way to say hello in French. I use it a set. Use “ coucou ” with all my friends and family. There is very no US English equivalent… It ’ s a morsel like ‘ toodaloo ’ in british English except that ‘ toodaloo ’ is used to say adieu !
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now let ’ s see how to say hello in french in particular occasions .

4 – Bonsoir – Hello in french – But in the evening

When you greet person with “ Hello ” in French in the evening, you can say “ bonsoir “. Same as with “ bonjour ”, it ’ south more polite to use something after “ bonsoir ” ;

  • Bonsoir madame
  • Bonsoir monsieur,
  • Bonsoir mademoiselle,
  • Bonsoir Camille
  • Bonsoir Monsieur Dupont…

When do you start saying bonsoir in France ? even the french don ’ thymine agree… Read the article on the Local.fr for more information on that discipline .

5 – Allô ? Hello in French but only on the earphone

I understand there was a celebrated television receiver prove called “ Allô, Allô ” and therefore many english speakers are convinced that “ Allô ” is a common room to say hello in French .
entirely it is not. We only use “ Allô ” to say hello in French on the phone. On the call, you use “ Allô ” when you answer the telephone, therefore with a rising inquisitive voice : “ Allô ” ?
And then you may start speaking by using it again “ Allô, bonjour, c ’ est Camille ” … or skip it “ Bonjour, c ’ est Camille ” .
So the begin of a phone conversation could go this way :
More about the french Phone vocabulary in my article .

6 – Rebonjour

If you ’ ve already said hello to person and run into them again, it ’ second common to say “ rebonjour “ : “ bonjour again ”, if you want…

7 – Skipping Hello in French – A Big Mistake

Some people may skip the “ bonjour ” separate and go directly to another greeting like “ ça virginia ” ( how are you ) … but it ’ s not that common .
In any lawsuit, whether you use the word “ bonjour ” or not, you should always take the meter to greet people in France. It ’ mho considered quite ill-bred to go ahead and ask a question without foremost saying hello in French .
Oh ! And please smile ! ! I truly don ’ t know who decided that you shouldn ’ thyroxine smile in France ! ! A smile will open so many doors, and it ’ s so much decent to talk to people when they smile .
nowadays, if you are a young lady entering a bar full of men and say “ bonjour ” with a huge smile, you may get some undesirable attention… But outside of this context, please do smile : – )

8 – What About Kissing Hello in French ?

woman kissing hi or goodbye in France When french people say hello, they will either kiss or shake hands. sometimes merely wave – like a adolescent may do – but it ’ s not common .
As I am writing this article, we are in the center of the Covid 19 crisis, and for guard reasons, the french respect the social distance and hold on kissing or shaking hands. Will this crisis affect the way french people say hello ? I don ’ metric ton know… only time will tell !
In any case kiss in France decidedly deserves another article !

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