How to Hide Mobile Legends Match History

We will discuss how to hide the pit history of Mobile Legends here for you. Match history is your traverse read that shows the results of every peer you play. Can you hide this feature or hide it from other players in Mobile Legends ? Let ’ s do surgery here .
Match history itself can be used as a way to observe a musician about his skills in playing Mobile Legends such as knowing what heroes are often used, using what meta, and knowing what build items the player much uses. indeed, this feature is set by Moonton to be populace, but there are still respective ways to hide the Mobile Legends Match History that you can apply .
On this juncture we will provide an explanation of how to hide the Match History of Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know what are the ways to hide or hide the results of matches in Mobile Legends, let ’ s see the full explanation below properly and correctly !

As we all know, there used to be a microbe where you could hide your match history via your report profile, particularly in the history section, if it was opened quickly there would be an option to hide. But it ’ s been a long time ago and the wiretap itself has besides been fixed by Moonton. then how do you hide the Mobile Legends match history in the current plot ?
The following is a way to hide the history of playing mobile legends that ML players should know :

1. Spam Mode Vs AI

How to Hide Mobile Legends Match History

The first room you can do to hide your couple history in Mobile Legends is to play VS AI mood. Isn ’ t playing Vs Ai mode still showing the results of the equal ? Yes, it is still listed but at least it can cover the original match history before it. specially if you experience a lose mottle, of path you truly want to cover it up. Playing Spam Vs Ai modality is the best way you can do it .

2. Join the Official Mobile Legends Tournament

How to Hide Mobile Legends Match History

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apart from playing spam v AI mode, there are early ways you can hide or hide your couple history, namely by participating in the official Mobile Legend tournament. This is because every pro player who wants to take separate in the official Mobile Legends tournament will be given a particular feature where every resultant role of the match they finish will not be visible because it was hidden by Moonton .
This is done by Moonton because it is to guarantee privacy regarding the strategies they use during rehearse, before it ’ s time to compete in the official tournament late. Of course, implementing this second base method acting is very difficult to do because it can only be done by pro players .
immediately that ’ s an explanation of how to hide the history of Mobile Legends matches that we have discussed. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference book beginning for all of you. Keep visiting my Esports, yes, to get more update news about the populace of Esports for dislodge ! That is all and thank you !

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