how to fix speaker/mic on hp pavilion laptop

I have an hp pavilion laptop. I can’t figure out how to turn on the mic and speakers. I can turn the laptop on, but I can’t do anything but the touchpad. I googled it but I couldn’t find anything. Please help! It is my daughter’s laptop. 🙁

Answer:how to turn on speaker/mic on hp pavilion laptop

You need to go to the manufacturers website and download and install the update they offer. You might also need to download and install the latest drivers from HP as well.

I also had a HP compaq Laptop and they have a ‘restart and hold power’ button on the back side. The computer will stop (will not start back up) and you can hold the button to restart. Hope this helps!

I have a pavilion dv4 i just noticed today i cant control the camera on my desktop. i cant record using it either. it doesnt pick up the mic. its working in video mode and everything so it’s not a technical problem. all i can find is the microphone controls but they are grayed out. i tried the control panel but nothing happened. the problem started when i moved to my brother’s house today, everything else seems fine. any suggestions?


Answer:computer wont record using camera

Did you say you had a camera in the lap top? If so then the camera needs to be selected when you plug it into the lap top and it will show up on the desktop. The mic on your lap top is not necessary when you use a camera.

If you have the sound card/microphone installed on the machine as well as a microphone with its cable, if not the microphone may be faulty. If it is, buy a new one, and use that. If you don’t have any more information about the machine or the sound card, you are likely out of luck.

I have an hp pavilion dv7. The power switch is on the side, there are no buttons for the speaker. It just plays a loud, low frequency noise. This is the only way I can power on the machine, to then power off again.

Answer:Speaker on HP Pavilion dv7

There should be a speaker on the back side of the laptop that are activated by plugging it in to a power outlet. If there is not, then the speaker is not installed. You can try and turn the speaker on yourself, if you have no trouble opening the laptop up and getting at the speaker. If the speaker isn’t there, then the speakers aren’t installed. You can try and get at the speaker on the inside of the laptop, and solder wires from the speaker to get the audio signal to the main board.

Hi, I am having trouble setting up my bluetooth headset (Motorola). I am using windows 7 with the latest nvidia drivers installed and am using an HP Pavillion dv6. I followed all of the instructions in the HP website and all of them resulted in a yellow triangle with a black X in it. I have tried using the HP Software and the Device Managment tool, neither of which worked. Does anyone know how to install this bluetooth headset correctly on this laptop?Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Bluetooth Headset – How to set up (HP Pavillion dv6)

You need to download the latest update drivers from here :…9&swl3…3&swl3…4&swl3…10&swl3…5&swl3…11&swl3…6&swl3…12&swl3…7&swl3…8&swl3…13. Then restart the computer and install them.

Hi all! I have a hp pavillion g6 with wireless internet working fine. I was going to switch laptops and bought a HP pavilion dv6. I had it plug in to the wireless router that I was using for the g6 and I see the blue arrow light up, the wireless symbol appears next to the power indicator, but it will not connect to the internet. There are no other devices plugged in to the router either. Any idea what is wrong with my laptop? It has Windows 7 Home Premium installed. Thanks!

I have an HP pavilion dv4-1150cl, installed win7 ultimate 32 bit.

My speakers, mic, touchpad do work.

when I close the lid, then open it up, the speakers and mic turn on.

If I don’t close the lid the speakers and mic do not work.

I would like to figure out how to “turn the mic and speakers on”.

Thank you.

Answer:How to turn the mic and speakers on on my HP Pavilion dv4-1150cl

You might not have access to the Audio Hardware Setup in Windows Vista and in Windows 7. The easiest way to check is to log off, and then log back on. The audio hardware and sound settings might be available there.

hi im trying to set up my laptop for a music lesson where i have to turn the mic on, speaker on, and play a cd but i cant seem to get it working i plug in the mic and speakers and power on and theres just the speaker that appears like its working but no mic or the cd starts playing but the speaker keeps on going? please help im using windows 7, 64bit thanks

I have an hp pavillion notebook and the speakers are not working.

The sound settings in the device manager list no speaker control.

I have windows 7 Home Premium installed.

I have checked and rechecked and cannot find a speaker or mic in my device manager

Answer:speakers are not working

In the device manager you can find the speakers by going into the audio adapter section. Make sure they are selected in the audio adapter and audio properties section. If you still have the same problem let us know.

Okay, just installed Windows 7 Pro. I don’t know if this is necessary or not, but I have an audio upgrade from 2007. Also, speakers do not work. I believe they were working before, but after the upgrade I cannot get them to work. Also, I am pretty sure my mic works.

I looked in the audio device manager and everything looks ok. I was able to get my mic to work, but the speakers will not work. Please help. Thank you.

Answer:Speakers are not working on HP Pavilion Notebook

Hi, did you check the Volume and Mute control properties and make sure they are correct, you may need to use the speaker icon in control panel, I’m on a Win 7 Pro laptop myself so I’m not exactly sure what you are seeing.

Hi everyone, I have a problem with my Acer Aspire 1735 laptop, which has recently had a power surge, possibly due to heavy rain. When the power is lost, the audio card is not in use. I can’t hear anything and I can’t play music or video, or use the mic. I have reinstalled the HP Audio driver, but it doesn’t help.

Can anyone advise me?

Answer:Speakers and Mic are not working on HP Pavilion Aspire 1735 laptop after power surge

Try using the headphones/headset while booting. If you cannot, it’s probably in one of the slots.

HP has recently introduced new HP Pavillion notebooks for home use. The brand has been popular in Australia and New Zealand. These are affordable, and HP Pavilion dv6 is the latest generation. The model you have looks similar.

I recently upgraded my HP Pavilion dv7 laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit OS. The speakers were working fine earlier. After I tried to install the latest update of HP audio driver (from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2), the speakers are not working. I can hear only the audio on the screen. I have tried to solve this issue by updating the audio driver to a fresh version from 1.2.2 but the speaker is still not working. I think the issue is with the driver itself. What do you think is the reason? And what should I do to get my speakers working again?

Answer:Speakers not working on HP Pavilion dv7

Hi there,

If you have the latest updates for all of the installed software (including the OS and the HP Audio driver) the most likely explanation is that you have a loose connection somewhere in your sound system. If this is the case, then simply re-seat the connections.

Have you checked the volume and mute controls and make sure they are in the correct position?

Can you hear anything from the speakers when the laptop is on but they are not in use? If not then this suggests a problem with the driver.

If the speaker is still not working on the latest HP Audio driver, you can download an older version here. Unzip the file (if necessary) and install. If you do not have a problem with the update you are currently using, I suggest you uninstall it and use the updated version.

It seems to be a common problem with the latest HP audio drivers and I suspect the problem you are having is with the device rather than the driver

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