How To Create Website

Now I am a newbie web developer and have no knowledge of cms or any web design framework. I want a simple webpage where I can create my web pages. Can anyone tell me is it possible or not? And if it is possible what is the best cms for creating website.


Yes, it is possible.
It is called PHP based CMS, it runs on an Apache web server and is a Content management system.
It also allows the use of templates.
I guess you already know that, because you used the keyword CMS.
There are also alternatives, but if you just want to make your own webpages, this is the only way.


Have you ever thought about using WordPress?
Wordpress is just one of the most popular, powerful and easy to use content management systems.
It is completely customizable and extensible, and comes with a ton of add-ons, theme templates and other tools.

It’s free and open-source.
They have a community version of WordPress, that you can install on your server. You can get more information here.

It’s easy to set up.
The first thing you should do is to sign up for a free subdomain. To do that, go to and follow the instructions there.
Then, you’ll have to install WordPress on your server.
Here’s a very detailed step-by-step tutorial on installing it.

You can get themes for free and there are a ton of free, community-created plugins.
There’s even a community version of WordPress, that you can install on your server (see step #2, above) and use for free. You can get more information here.

Have you also thought about using Drupal?
Drupal is another great CMS.
I think it has a better support and a bigger community than WordPress. It is not free, but there are paid options (like Drupal Commerce) and a free option.
Also, their community version (Drupal Acquia) is very well organized and easy to follow.
Here’s a very detailed step-by-step tutorial on setting up Drupal 6 on your server.
Here’s another one that explains how to set up Drupal 7 (and there are several tutorials for that).
Here’s a video tutorial on installing Drupal.
I’m not sure if this question belongs to SO, Drupal Answers or the WordPress section, but this is my personal favorite. I use it almost every day and I think it has a great community.

Have you thought about using Squarespace?
Squarespace is a very powerful platform that allows you to create your own website very quickly. They have a lot of themes and plugins available for free, as well as paid plans.
The free plan allows you to host your website for 30 days, and will cost $10/month after that. You can sign up here.
You can get the most common features for free, and you can upgrade to premium at any time. There are several paid plans and you can select the one that fits you best.
In general, Squarespace is very simple to use and manage. It’s very easy to customize your website with their themes and plugins. I would recommend Squarespace to people who are looking for a quick solution.
Have you tried building websites with Joomla?
I’m not sure if this is a website framework, but Joomla is a free, open-source Content Management System and you can install it on your server (for example, Windows).
You can customize the templates, plugins, everything. Here’s a detailed tutorial on installing it and setting it up.

Joomla 3 has a lot of great features and will let you create a website with many, many pages and content, and is very powerful. You can select what plugins you want, and it will let you use the ones that you need.

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