7 Best Home Improvement Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix

During a winter when many of us are spending more time indoors plotting home improvement projects and watching television receiver, it ‘s the perfect time to binge-watch some home purpose shows ( after you ‘ve finished watching Bridgerton and everything Bridgerton-adjacent, of course ). From board makeover challenges to organization transformations, these shows will inspire you to redecorate, tidy up, and reimagine your quad. No count if you ‘re focused on making your home more functional with cagey storage solutions or precisely want to drool over expensive renovations, these home improvement shows on Netflix have you covered.

Get Organized With The Home Edit

If Tidying Up with Marie Kondo sparked a major organizational overhaul in your home when it launched back in January 2019, the Home Edit ‘s Netflix read will inspire you to refresh those efforts. Watch as the organizing couple tidies up the homes of both celebs ( hello, Reese Witherspoon ‘s water closet ! ) and everyday families. This is the motivation you need to tackle that pantry makeover.

Interior Design Masters

It ‘s like Master Chef, but for interior design buffs. Each week, the 10 contestants compete to have the best makeover, as determined by the judges. What keeps the read matter to is the assortment of spaces that are revamped, with everything from restaurants, to dorm rooms, to syndicate homes getting a probability to be transformed.

Dream Home Makeover

Fans of Studio McGee ‘s signature luxe-yet-minimalist new traditional style will binge-watch the moment season of Dream Home Makeover in one night. Watch as the purpose tauten overhauls family homes, from cosy cabins to deluxe manors. Word of admonitory : this one will decidedly make you want to redo your kitchen.

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Queer Eye

If you ‘re not fully caught up on all five seasons of Netflix ‘s Queer Eye boot ( or equitable want to re-watch your favorite ), now ‘s the perfect time to stream this feel-good picture. You ‘ll feel inspired by all the “ make betters ” in each episode, including the meaningful home interior decoration transformations led by Bobby Berk. You ‘ll never believe that each of these makeovers happens in less than one week !

Styling Hollywood

watch as the married commercial enterprise partners behind JSN studios take over celebrities ‘ wardrobes and their homes. They manner A-listers for the red rug, and then make certain that their houses are equally as glamorous. In between the couture gowns and kitchen installs, you ‘ll catch glimpses of the pair ‘s personal life and how they navigate the complexities of Hollywood ‘s social scene.

Tiny House Nation

Have you always dreamed of exist in a bantam house ? Go ahead and live vicariously through the families of Tiny House Nation as they prep for future tiny-house life. The hosts are besides renovation experts who create customize furniture and storage, proving that you in truth can find room for entertaining, hobbies, and even expansive shoe collections in a small space. If you ‘re feeling cooped up in your own home, this express will make you appreciate every square metrical foot you have.

Stay Here

For those who have ever dreamed of opening their own bed and breakfast or fair love to stay at an Airbnb, this Netflix series follows the dramatic transformations of short-run rentals. Some of the advanced properties include a houseboat and a former fire station. Fans of trade Spaces, rejoice : interior designer Genevieve Gorder is one of the hosts of the show.

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