Grand Hotel (TV series)

No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date [3]U.S. viewers
(millions)1″Pilot”Ken OlinTeleplay by : Brian TanenJune 17, 2019 ( )3.69[4]
During a hurricane, Riviera Grand Hotel’s chef de partie Sky is abducted after arguing with Gigi. One month later, Gigi and her husband Santiago reveal they are selling the hotel to investors, upsetting Santiago’s children Alicia and Javi. New waiter Danny begins his training under Jason, son of hotel staff director Helen Parker. Later that night, Danny talks with Alicia, and she gets the idea to have celebrity rapper El Rey move in to attract new customers. However, she catches him cheating with her engaged stepsister, Carolina. Gigi tries buying Alicia’s silence, causing Alicia to reveal Carolina’s affair to her fiancé. He attacks El Rey, but Danny breaks the altercation up, and Yoli is devastated since El Rey actually liked her more than Carolina. Hotel manager Mateo learns that he impregnated Ingrid, a maid, and insists on an abortion. Ingrid lies to Javi that the child is his, as he forgets many women he sleeps with. Danny admits that he fabricated his resume, but Helen lets him stay after he impresses Santiago. El Rey agrees to Alicia’s plan, while Danny, who is secretly Sky’s brother, covertly investigates her disappearance. Santiago meets with Mateo, and is reminded that he owes money to Mateo’s real employer.
2″Smokeshow”Ron UnderwoodBrian TanenJune 24, 2019 ( )3.16[5]
Danny tries accessing Sky’s locker, but Helen empties it first. Alicia proposes her plan to Santiago, who initially wants El Rey gone. Mateo requires $500K to extend his loan, so Santiago approves Alicia’s idea. Helen fires Ingrid after catching her sleeping on the job, so Ingrid asks Javi for help. Mateo learns of this and confronts Ingrid. Gigi explains to Carolina that she makes her sister feel invisible, prompting Carolina to ask El Rey to meet Yoli. Setting the stage, an overworked Alicia is helped by Danny, who takes the opportunity to steal her ID card. During the show, Danny gets Sky’s things, finding a key and news clipping about Beatriz Mendoza’s death. El Rey accidentally starts a fire. The fire disheartens Alicia, until Santiago expresses how well they bonded while planning. Gigi spins the narrative to announce El Rey’s residency, prompting increased reservations. Caught snooping, Danny explains to Jason about Sky, asking for help. Danny “finds” Alicia’s keycard and returns it. Yoli tries forgiving Carolina, but Carolina is too focused on Danny at the family dinner. Santiago makes Gigi VP of Public Relations and pays Mateo, who later finds Sky’s name tag has been delivered to his office.

Discovering that Ingrid is driving Sky’s car, Danny learns the women were roommates. Javi tries to help secure a promising new client for the hotel, which plays on Santiago’s guilt over Javi’s accident. Furious at Alicia’s overspending to satisfy El Rey’s every whim, Gigi insists that she approve any new expenses. Mateo receives a blackmail letter demanding $200K, and spots a mysterious man outside his office. Gigi suspends Alicia for defying her and takes away El Rey’s amenities. Jason and Danny find Sky’s credit card in Ingrid’s purse, and she confesses to keeping all of Sky’s stuff out of sentimentality. Mateo confronts the “blackmailer”, who is actually a gay man looking to proposition him. Javi lands the clients, but when Santiago overhears them mocking Javi, he kicks them out. Danny reluctantly takes a drunk Carolina back to the hotel, and Alicia thinks they slept together. El Rey threatens to leave, so Gigi and Alicia bring his mother to the hotel to shame him into behaving. Javi tells Santiago that he is going to be a father. Helen reminds Gigi that Alicia must never know the truth about her mother.
4″The Big Sickout”Bill D’EliaCurtis KheelJuly 8, 2019 ( )2.77[7]
Javi takes a job with hotel facilities to support Ingrid. Santiago cuts the staff’s annual bonuses to pay Mateo’s blackmailer, triggering a sick-out that plunges the hotel into chaos. Alicia, Yoli, Mateo, and Carolina are put to work and the remaining staff are given double shifts. Alicia breaks things off with Danny over Carolina, but reconsiders after overhearing him reject Carolina’s advances. Alicia and Danny kiss. Gigi entertains her old friend Victor Calloway, a magazine editor she hopes will put the Riviera on a magazine cover. Victor reveals that Gigi’s fugitive ex-husband, Felix, has asked to be put in touch with her after ten years on the run. Yoli meets Marisa, a masseuse who tells Yoli she is beautiful, and asks her out on a date. Gigi tells Victor that she does not want to see Felix. When Malcolm collapses from dehydration, Helen and Jason turn on Santiago and join the sick-out. To get Helen back, Santiago confesses the truth about why he cut the bonuses, and they make peace with the strikers. Victor goes to Carolina behind Gigi’s back. Danny finds the torn-up blackmail letter in Mateo’s trash, and later calls his girlfriend back home.
5″You’ve Got Blackmail”Marisol AdlerDavah AvenaJuly 15, 2019 ( )

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Santiago and Gigi learn that Ingrid is the woman Javi got pregnant. Marisa is afraid of losing her job when someone reports her for having an affair in the spa. At first unwilling to do Yoli the favor of dropping her investigation of Marisa, Alicia relents when Yoli confesses that she is romantically involved with Marisa. Mateo has Danny deliver the blackmail money with a tracking device, and both men independently learn that the blackmailer is Nelson, who gets run over by a truck while trying to escape from Mateo. Santiago invites Ingrid to dinner, but she and Javi storm out when Santiago insists she take a paternity test. Ingrid and Javi have sex in a nearby room. Santiago subsequently relents and agrees to put Ingrid up in the hotel with a blank check for expenses. Danny tells a crushed Alicia that his life is too complicated for a relationship with her. Carolina tells Gigi she believes Ingrid and Mateo have a past. Yoli is revealed to have been dating Sky prior to her disappearance. To silence Nelson, Mateo makes sure he flatlines in the hospital.
6″Love Thy Neighbor”Arlene SanfordGeoffrey NaufftsJuly 22, 2019 ( )2.73[9]
Noisy renovations at the neighboring Finn Hotel threaten Santiago and Alicia’s plans for the annual charity gala at the Riviera. Marisa finds Yoli’s photos and letters to Sky in her bedroom. Helen decides to take a job with the Finn, which promises a higher salary and better insurance coverage. Santiago speaks to the construction workers at the Finn and learns that illegal “shortcuts” have been taken to meet deadlines. Alicia takes Oliver, the Finn’s assistant manager and a friend of hers from Cornell, as her date to the gala. Gigi secretly runs a paternity test and learns that Mateo is the father of Ingrid’s baby. Ingrid is forced to tell a heartbroken Javi that he is not the father. Jason and Danny confront Yoli about her relationship with Sky. She admits to being in a relationship with Sky but swears she knew nothing about her disappearance. Santiago gets the construction shut down, and confers with Helen, who is going undercover at the Finn to protect the Mendozas. Danny breaks up with his girlfriend to pursue Alicia, only to see her kissing Oliver. Yoli dances with Marissa at the gala, coming out as gay to her mother and sister.
7″Where the Sun Don’t Shine”David GrossmanSara SaediJuly 29, 2019 ( )2.95[10]
Helen tries to sabotage the Finn Hotel by hiring inferior vendors and staff, but quits when Michael Finn, the hotel’s owner, makes an unwanted sexual advance. The Finn lures the Riviera’s booming Spring Break partygoers away with free alcohol, but Santiago retaliates by erecting an El Rey billboard that blocks the sun from the Finn’s pool. Gigi is apologetic for her cold reaction to Yoli’s coming out, but her attempt to smooth things over by throwing a “coming out party” for her daughter only makes things worse. Carolina tells Yoli she knows how to contact their father. The family worries for Javi, who is drowning his sorrows in alcohol and women. Danny overhears Oliver plotting against the Riviera, and warns Alicia, who asks to be left alone. She realizes too late that Michael has stolen El Rey from the Riviera, and breaks up with Oliver for his duplicity. A furious Santiago accepts Mateo’s offer to have his people “take care of” his problems with the Finn. El Rey is partying on a balcony at the Finn when it collapses, falling on Ingrid and Javi.
8″Long Night’s Journey Into Day”Ellen S. PressmanNicki RennaAugust 5, 2019 ( )

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Ingrid and Javi survive, but tests at the hospital reveal to the family that Javi is abusing painkillers. Having discovered that Sky was selling pills for extra money, Danny learns from a hotel employee that her main customer, Javi, may have had something to do with her disappearance. Ingrid loses her baby due to stress, bringing her and Mateo closer together. Javi resists going to rehab until Santiago confesses his guilt over the accident that took Javi’s leg. Ingrid confesses to a shocked Jason that she intentionally misled Javi about her pregnancy. She also tells Jason she was with an inebriated Javi the entire night of the hurricane, which clears him of any involvement in Sky’s disappearance. Gigi learns the full truth about Santiago’s financial troubles from Helen, who has accidentally eaten marijuana cookies. Yoli and Carolina locate Felix, who tricks them into believing he is on the run from the FBI. They agree to hide him at the hotel. Realizing that he has become emotionally consumed by his feelings for Alicia, Danny kisses her and they sleep together.
9″Groom Service”Elodie KeeneDesta Tedros ReffAugust 12, 2019 ( )2.38[12]
Alicia is ready to tell her family about Danny, but he wants to keep their relationship under wraps to prevent anyone from looking into his real identity. Jason is unhappy when Helen invites Ingrid to stay with the family, but he eventually softens to her. Santiago seeks out Teresa, Mateo’s mysterious superior who lent Santiago the money. She rebuffs his request to get out of their arrangement, and is furious over both his visit and Mateo’s sympathy for Santiago. The police detectives who handled Sky’s case are at the Riviera to investigate the accident at the Finn, and Danny tries to avoid them. One of the detectives was paid by Mateo to drop the Sky investigation, and the other recognizes Danny and agrees to work with him to find out what happened to Sky. Yoli and Carolina ambush Gigi with Felix, who tells his ex-wife that Santiago was the person who reported him to the FBI. Teresa’s minion Thomas beats Mateo and pushes him down the stairs. Danny and Alicia reveal their relationship to the family, just as Danny’s ex-girlfriend Heather checks into the hotel.
10″Suite Little Lies”John TerleskyDanny FernandezAugust 19, 2019 ( )

Danny is stunned to find Heather at the hotel, wanting to win him back. Alicia befriends Heather, unaware of who she is but is quite upset when she discovers Danny has been lying to her about being single. Santiago discovers Felix is at the hotel and is irate about Gigi hiding him. Theresa offers to forgive Santiago’s debt if he hands Felix over to them. Santiago warns Felix to get out of town but Felix goads him into a fight by suggesting Santiago killed Beatriz. After Santiago hits him, Felix uses it to claim to Gigi how unstable he is. After various antics, Javi convinces Jason to get with a cheerleader who’s part of a wedding party. Ingrid and Javi decide to keep their distance while Mateo (wanting to keep her safe) also insists Ingrid stay away from him. Danny shows his police ally a photo of Theresa, who she recognizes as a crime boss. Gigi helps Felix escape the hotel. Theresa tells Santiago she wants to stay there in her own office. Marissa confesses to Yoli that she’s an illegal alien. Danny comes clean at last to Alicia about being Skye’s brother and why he’s there and she fires him.
11″Art of Darkness”Nicole RubioBob DailyAugust 26, 2019 ( )2.48[14]
Since Alicia can’t explain why she wants Danny fired, Helen lets him stay. Alicia makes it clear she’s not forgiving Danny for lying to her. Felix brings Gigi to a huge house as he reveals he’s hidden 50 million in an account in her name. Gigi drugs Felix, getting the code to clean out the account. Santiago courts Byron as a business partner, Byron agrees on the condition Carolina apologize. When Carolina comes to do so, they end up sleeping together. Ingrid is at first jealous of Jason’s new relationship with Vanessa but realizes Jason is better off without her. Santiago and Gigi offer money to Theresa to pay off the debt but she makes it clear she’s still going to use the hotel for a party. Javi and Alicia track down the hidden room Beatriz used to stay in. Santiago and Gigi realize the “art show” is a cover for Theresa selling women to bidders. Danny is wearing a wire for the cops who immediately raid the party with Mateo pulling Theresa out and later killing her. Yoli tells Gigi she and Skye used to hook up in the room which makes Gigi tear it apart for something Skye must have found.
12″Dear Santiago”Barbara BrownCurtis KheelSeptember 2, 2019 ( )2.24[15]
Carolina surprises everyone by announcing she and Byron are engaged again. When Byron claims to have been cut off from his family, Carolina says she can’t live a poor life at which point Byron reveals he was testing her and breaks it off. Mateo reveals he killed Theresa to Santiago but will still represent his employers. Helen discovers Malcolm’s cancer has spread to his brain. She offers a vacation but he suffers a stroke and Ingrid helps Jason cope with the experience. Javi and Alicia confront Santiago and Gigi with what they know so they confess the truth: Beatriz had suffered from bi-polar disorder and had been tricked by Felix into giving away all the money. She finally killed herself with them hushing it up as a heart attack with Gigi also hiding her suicide note. Danny and Alicia end up finding the note which Skye had hidden which reveals the real reason Beatriz took her life: she had discovered that Helen and Santiago had a one night stand years before and Jason was Santiago’s son. Mateo threatens Santiago with a video from the night of the hurricane which Santiago watches to see a blood-stained Gigi crying in the hotel garage.
13″A Perfect Storm”Bill D’EliaBrian TanenSeptember 9, 2019 ( )2.17[16]
Santiago’s will now includes Gigi’s daughters. Danny retrieves Sky’s phone, finding a recording of Sky and Gigi before she disappeared, incriminating Gigi. Danny confronts her in a locked room, presenting the note. Santiago hears Gigi’s screams, breaks in, and attacks Danny. Gigi stops them, admitting she didn’t kill Sky. Santiago reads the note, and makes allusions to the killer. Danny learns from Gigi that Malcolm overheard talk of Santiago’s affair, and accidentally killed Sky, striking her in defense of Gigi. Danny refuses to report him out of respect for Jason. After Malcolm’s funeral, Santiago invites Jason to lunch, and argues with Mrs. P. over revealing his paternity. Also, Danny and Alicia go to the beach so Danny can make peace with Sky’s death and her feelings for him come back, then they kiss. Carolina tells Yoli that Felix knows of Santiago’s will and is en-route. Ingrid discovers that her mother and Javi hooked up. Mateo consoles her, they hook up, and Mateo leaves to “Make one last mistake”. Santiago calls wanting to tell Jason the truth, Mrs. P. opposes. He insists on speaking in person, heading downstairs, where the lights aren’t working and the doors are locked. An unseen individual then shoots him in the chest and he collapses.

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