Did Ed Burns produce the wire?

The emerging trend and concept of “streaming” is something that has been around for a while now but is only recently becoming mainstream and gaining a lot of momentum. Before this, however, the concept itself was limited to the underground and was not something that was widely accepted.

To put it in perspective, back then, the only way to watch a show was to “download” it from the internet and “watch” it “live” and that was it. No “streaming”, no “season passes”, no “abstraction”, no “channels”, no “streaming”, nothing. Just you and the show and that was it.

In fact, the concept of “TV” itself has changed drastically over the decades. First it was just a “black and white” “box” filled with “cables” and “wires” and now it has transformed into something that is not even visible to the naked eye. You can literally watch a show anywhere, at any time, with anyone, and that is something that no one could have imagined.

One of the primary reasons as to why streaming is so successful is because it has opened up a whole new market of people who previously did not have access to watch TV shows. Think about it, if you do not have “internet” at your disposal, how are you going to watch a show?

Enter “Netflix”. Netflix is probably the most famous streaming platform out there and is used by millions of people all around the globe. Their library of shows and movies is immense and ever-growing, so you are sure to find something worth your time.

Netflix’s original shows are also on par with the ones that are produced by other networks and can be just as successful and entertaining. One of the most famous shows produced by Netflix is “The Wire”. The show is an absolute masterpiece and is one of the most critically acclaimed shows of all time.

Now, the show is pretty old at this point and the chances of you watching it for the first time are pretty low. That is why I will not be spoiling anything in this article. However, I would like to mention that you should really go through the show at least once in your lifetime.

Now, as you may have guessed, “The Wire” was not just a show that was created and aired on Netflix. In fact, the show initially aired on HBO. Now, what does this have to do with streaming? Well, HBO is a streaming service. So, technically, “The Wire” was a show that was aired on a streaming service.

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So, in conclusion, “The Wire” was, in fact, a streamed show that was produced by a streaming platform.

Now, if you have watched the show, you may have noticed that Ed Burns, the co-creator and producer of the show, makes a few appearances throughout the show. In fact, he actually plays a pretty big role in the show in the later seasons.

So, what exactly is Ed Burns and what is his role on “The Wire”? Well, Ed Burns is an American writer, producer, and director who has worked on a lot of other shows as well. His most famous works are “The Wire” and “The Corner”, the latter of which was also a show that was produced by HBO.

Ed Burns was not just a producer on “The Wire”, he was also a co-creator of the show and was involved in the writing for the show as well. In fact, the show was initially supposed to be a book, but Burns had to change the idea after HBO expressed an interest in the show.

The Wire Project

The “The Wire Project” was actually the name assigned to the endeavor by Ed Burns and David Simon. Simon was the mastermind behind “The Wire” and Ed Burns was his right-hand man. They had worked on a lot of projects together and were also part of a writing team known as “Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets”.

The “wire” in the name of the project is in reference to the wiretapping that was performed on the show. The show was centered around the drug dealers and their activities. Therefore, the police had to use wiretapping to listen in on the dealers and figure out their activities.

As mentioned earlier, “The Wire” was supposed to be a book, but as we all know, it was eventually turned into a TV show. The book was actually published in 2002 and was written by David Simon. The book was titled “The Wire: Truth Be Told” and was actually the DVD companion piece to the show.

The Wire Netflix

As you may have guessed by now, Netflix used to produce the show and that is why they have the rights to it. However, the show itself was not just produced by Netflix, as I mentioned earlier, it was also co-created by Ed Burns and David Simon.

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Now, when the show was on air, Netflix had just started to produce their own original shows. The streaming platform was still relatively new and was not as famous as it is right now. Therefore, the “The Wire” was actually one of the first shows that Netflix produced.

The show was not just a massive success for Netflix, it was also the main reason as to why the streaming platform itself became so popular. The show was so good that it is still relevant to this day and still attracts a lot of new viewers everyday.

So, does this mean that Netflix actually produced the series? Well, not exactly. I already mentioned that Ed Burns and David Simon were behind the show and that is exactly why Netflix did not produce it. However, Ed Burns himself did work with Netflix on the show and, in fact, was the one who was in charge of the casting on the show.

Ed Burns was the one who cast people like Sonja Sohn, Aidan Gillen, Larry Gilliard Jr., and Wood Harris in the show and was also the one who recommended Andre Royo, Michael K. Williams, and Clarence Williams III for the show.

The Wire Season 6

That’s right, you heard it right. “The Wire” had a sixth season which was actually the last season and was never actually aired on television. Now, the show was initially supposed to have five seasons and then have a wrap-up movie that would tie everything together and end the show. However, once the fifth season ended, the show was nowhere near completion and there was still a lot of story left to tell.

So, instead of making a movie, Simon and Burns decided to work on a sixth season of the show, which would act as the series finale and end the show in the best possible way possible.

Now, the sixth season of “The Wire” was produced as a book and was titled “The Wire: The Last Word”. The book was, in fact, published in 2006 and was the last work that David Simon and Ed Burns worked on together.

The Wire Aftershow

As you may have noticed by now, “The Wire” is not just a show, it is a phenomenon. The show has been inducted into the National Film Registry and has received so many awards and nominations that it would be unfair not to mention all of them.

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