Add Control Panel to the Windows 10 Power User (Win+X) and Context Menus

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update brought back the Classic Control Panel, but there’s a quicker way to get there now.

When Microsoft released Windows 10, the company removed all the familiar options in the classic Control panel. But with the Anniversary Update, Microsoft brought it back as a UWP app called WindowsSettings. The Settings app has most of the familiar functions, but it didn’t have everything. So, to add those missing items, Microsoft made them available as command shortcuts. We’re going to explain how you can add them to your home screen as a quick launch icon. Of course, youcan also use many of the commands from the Context Menu.

Add a Control Panel Command to Win+X (Power User) Commands

The following list are all the commands you can add to your Win+X Power User (or CTRL+SHIFT+I) menu:

  • Control Panel
  • Change Display Settings
  • Display Change Advanced Options
  • Network Reset Advanced Options
  • Find Windows Update Key

Of course, you can pin these to your Start menu, but if you’re familiar withusing Win+X, it’s a better way to access it.

Now, double-click on one of the commands and select Pin to Start. That will create a new shortcut on yourStart menu.

If you’d rather not pin to these, you can right-click one of the Command Shortcuts in the list of Commands and select the Move to Quick Launch option.

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That will place a shortcut on the QuickLaunch bar, which is the little toolbar below your Taskbar.”

You can also skip the Pinned to the Start Menu step and right-click the Command Shortcut. This will give you the option to Copy the shortcut to the Quick Launch folder or Run theCommand. This is ideal for if you want your favorite command in the Quick Launch bar, but not all of them.

You can of course put any of these on the Start Menu as well and remove them from there if you don’t want them anymore. Or you can make a few of your favorites in the homescreen tiles. Just press and hold on the tile on the Start menu and choose More, then Pin toStart from the pop-up. Then choose where you want them and that’s it.

The most elegant thing about these command shortcuts is that they don’t replace anything and they don’t crash. That makes them perfect to add to any system. And of course, they’re only useful if you are running August update (orlater) for them to work. Let us know if you have found any other cool ones you’d like to share in the comments!

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